• Ashutosh Maharaj, Single Bench, high court

    Constitutional Right to freedom of faith, No law can impose disposal of Ashutosh Maharaj

    In the beginning of the hearing of Ashutosh Maharaj case, the alleged son came under attack. The Judge remarked on the alleged son that, “Lot of people acknowledge relationship because of property.” The Sansthan’s lawyer mentio..

  • Ashutosh Maharaj, Single Bench, high court

    Ashutosh Maharaj Case, Single Bench's Dealing of Case did not follow laid procedure

    Ashutosh Maharaj’s case saw intense arguments on Monday with Court coming heavily on the alleged son reminding him that his alleged relationship is disputed in the case. It is important to note that the Single Bench has observed in its jud..

  • Modi Govt, empowering Dalits, Dalits in India

    Constructive steps by Modi Govt empowering Dalits

    The September month holds significance for Students Union elections in India. It is because most Indian universities have to undergo their election process for students bodies within the specified period which is the month of September. The re..
  • sri sri ravi shankar, ISIS, sri sri iraq visit, yazidi help

    For Him, the Yazidis are family

    Sri Sri Ravi Shankar's recent reply to a question perhaps directly addresses the core mindset of the ISIS:

    "I would invite all good-hearted and good-minded people on the planet, especially from the Islamic world who know that t..

  • Naroda Patiya riot case, reality of maya kodnani, gujarat riots, truth of naroda patiya

    Guilty, until proven innocent - A note on Mayaben Kodnani's conviction in Gujarat Riots

    The Naroda Patiya riot case involved a matter of national importance and it is a case that had been tremendously debated in media and amongst the public across the nation. It is common observation that in cases where there is a scope for polit..
  • Weapons Manufacturer, DRDO,

    Can India become a Weapons Manufacturer ?

    Can India become a Weapons Manufacturer ?

    This article will explore the various aspects needed to create an environment conducive to Defense R&D and weapon production. Mere announcements of increasing or decreasing FDI percentages i..

  • sri sri bjp, sri sri kejriwal,

    Sri Sri's duty to the electorate

    It is no hidden secret that the Indian voters can make this national election a significant turning point in the history of India. Charting a new course of nation building hinges on people engaging in the process and making an informed choice. I..

  • Uttar Pradesh, Delhi. Jammu & Kashmir, Punjab, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh

    IBTL Public Opinion Poll 2014

    North India

    April 7th would witness the beginning of most important general elections in the History of Independent India. Much is at stake for every individual. After our near to 100% accurate ..

  • kejriwal exposed modi, aap gujarat, kejriwal against modi

    When a Gujarati replied to the 16 Questions asked by Arvind Kejriwal to Narendra Modi

    While it is praiseworthy to ask questions in a democray, and make the politicians in power accountable for the work they have done, the nature and intent of such political discourse should be clear and related to pertinent issues. Sadly, this is..

  • foreign donations, Christian NGO, Home Ministry, ngo funding,

    Rs. 81,303 crores received in foreign donations mostly by Christian NGO's : Home Ministry

    Rs. 81,303 crores received in foreign donations mostly by Christian NGO's in the last 10 years: Home Ministry's Annual Report 2010-11.

    Christian NGO

  • Winds of Change, IBTL Opinion Poll 2014, lok sabha predictions, 2014 poll, lok sabha survey 2014, survey 2014

    Winds of Change - IBTL Opinion Poll 2014

    The latest IBTL Opinion Poll predicts a power-packed performance for the NDA led by Narendra Modi. It appears that, not only will the BJP breach its best ever performance (both in terms of seats and vote share) but also ensure that various other..

  • opinion poll 2014 general election India, opinion poll on narendra modi, opinion poll, opinion poll 2014, pre poll predictions, Lok sabha 2014 polls

    BJP Tsu'NaMo' washes away Congress – IBTL Opinion Poll 2013

    BJP named its PM candidate in late September and 4 major North Indian states, along with north eastern state Mizoram went to Polls in November-December. We decided to gauge the public mood across India, to ascertain if at all there was a Modi wa..

  • Redeeming the Yamuna, vijay goel.

    Redeeming the Yamuna

    Yamuna is the lifeline of Delhi but the fact of the matter is that it is now an almost dead river. Broadly, two factors are responsible for it:

    • More than 95% water is taken away within a few kilometers from Yamunotri glacier and..
  • arvind kejriwal corrupt, ford funding, iac vs kejriwal

    Questions to Corruption poster boy AK from the Real Anti Corruption Crusaders

    • What is the name of person who has given Bunglow in Connaught Place for Rs 1 as rent to Aam Aadmi Party? Why his/her name hasn't been disclosed?
    • Binayak Sen is a member of Planning Comission and also draft..
  • Arvind Kejriwal, Ashok Khemka, Durga Shakti, Navin Jindal

    25 Questions to Arvind Kejriwal and his Fan Boys

    1. Why Arvind Kejriwal & his wife were never transferred out of Delhi in their entire career if they were fighting against Corrupt Govt. unlike Ashok Khemka or Durga Shakti?

    2. What are Kejriwal's achievements as an IRS Officer?..