The Danger of Robert Vadra

Published: Tuesday, Oct 02,2012, 00:11 IST
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Robert Vadra’s meteoric rise is a significant story in the collection of the most shameful stories of independent India. A nonentity, he has risen to the topmost heights of power and wealth by virtue of blatant nepotism.

His marriage into the most famous family in India would not have irked anyone had he not exploited this alliance in such a shameless manner and instead had shown grace and restraint.

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The shady story of the Nehru – Gandhi clan continues in as much that Priyanka’s marriage did not redeem the family of its gory legacy. Thus, even while Indira paid for her sins of patronizing secessionists and Rajiv Gandhi the price of the war in Sri Lanka, Robert’s personal family story is as bloodied, yet more gruesome in nature. While his family feuds were well known, his brother was found dead mysteriously, his sister lost her life in an accident and his father subsequently “committed suicide”, again, in mysterious circumstances.

Sonia Gandhi and her children are willing puppets of particular coteries in the Congress that foist them on a desperate nation. Sonia’s persona of power is a hollow shell in the face of her political immaturity. She merely offers herself as a tragic, trapped Empress, to the Peshwas that run their writ in her name and make huge profits out of it.

It is a matter of time before the very family she seeks to protect lands in a worse soup.

Robert Vadra’s exceptional financial rise and political declarations show this rising danger. He knows well that the Rahul card has run its course in Indian politics.

Priyanka is probably aware of her husband’s ambitions and possibly fears that.
Robert Vadra has made no attempts to uphold probity in public life. His name stands out as a sore thumb and as a matter of national shame on security check notices across the nation’s airports where he is the only “individual” that is exempt from these checks. Yet, Vadra does not relent.

One wonders whether Mr. Vadra gets an inferiority complex from his wife, a woman, in the way he chooses to publicly display a macho persona and continues to maintain his immoral stand on the issue despite so much controversy.

The current Indian President is a woman and even her husband is not exempt from such checks.

The Military Chiefs of the nation did not enjoy this facility until the controversy raised its ugly head. The only two Field Marshal’s ever in the Indian army did not even figure on the Order of Precedence inasmuch that the funeral of Field Marshal Sam Maneckshaw was unattended by senior government office holders.

Vadra’s financial rise has been discussed in Opposition meetings in the Parliament as well. His murky connections with the DLF group have often been cited in the media. These are clear indications of what the nation can expect from him were he to openly enter politics.

Priyanka visiting Nalini, her father’s assassin in prison, was a heart wrenching story; yet the story of her family continues to unfold like a Shakespearean tragedy that threatens to destroy them completely.
What is worse is that the nation is paying a huge price too.

One wonders if the Gandhi’s can ever sum up the courage to resign totally from politics to avoid further hurt to their family, given their grievious personal circumstances. The fear of loss of status, security and imprisonment is the biggest fear. But that fear can be overcome by creating virtue and freedom within the family; a small price for being able to live as decent self-respecting humans. Yet an acute lack of a sense of history evades them.

The hoodlums in Congress are desperate. A rising politically conscious middle class in India coupled with assertive backward castes have forsaken the traditional allegiance of their forefathers to the Congress. The Gandhi family card has run its course as its successors struggle with mediocrity. Convoluted attempts are being made to reverse democratic and economic progress made in the years after Rajiv Gandhi.

Robert Vadra now sounds desperate to take on the mantle of the Gandhi family as this may be his only chance to grab power and to offer that desperate coterie a viable alternate.
The Gandhi’s need to learn as to when, and how, to call it quits. They need to break free of the Congress and their Italian/Catholic advisors that use them. Yet above all, and for their own sake, they need to keep Robert Vadra reined in.

Author : Anand Mathur
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