• Abalashrama, late Chakravarthy Venkata Varada Iyengar, gynaecologists, psychiatrists, lawyers

    'Abalaashrama' for destitute, orphan women

    A woman is the backbone of any society. If this backbone is not strong, within no time, the social structure collapses. With this view in mind, in order to strengthen women power of the country, Abalashrama is engaged in the holy work of rehabilit..

  • Bhakta Kannappa Gurukulam, Chenchu, Primary Health Centres (PHC)

    Bhakta Kannappa Gurukulam for 'Chenchu' tribals

    Chenchu tribals of Andhra Pradesh, who were deprived of basic facilities such as education, health, etc have now become self-reliant through the dedicated efforts of Sewa Bharati’s Bhakta Kannappa Gurukulam. Along with the regular school cur..

  • Mata Balak Utkarsha Pratishthan, Solapur, Ghongadi Cluster Development

    Mata Balak Utkarsha Pratishthan, Sangola

    Mata Balak Utkarsha Pratishthan (MBUP) is engaged in providing basic facilities such as health, education, drinking water, sanitation, hygiene, etc. to bring a revolution in Sangola village of Solapur district.

    Health is one of the prim..

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