• Baba Ramdev’s plan, Save agriculture, Bt-Brinjal, GM Crops, Genetic Engineering Assessment Committee, GEAC,

    Lost in the din - Baba Ramdev's plan to save agriculture

    Tens of thousands of people had come to Delhi to support the fast of Swami Ramdev that began on June 4. In the early hours of June 5 (the midnight of June 4/5) Delhi police backed by Rapid Action Force swept on sleeping protestors using teargas ..

  • FDI, Wall-Mart, Tesco, G-20, IBTL

    Its time to peel the onion, layer by layer : Dr. Devinder sharma

    The stage managed crisis to justify the approval for FDI in multi-brand retail. There is more to onion prices than what meets the eye. And it is time to peel the onion, layer by layer, pleads - Dr. Devinder sharma


  • Dr Bharat Jhunjhunwala, Mayawati, kidnappings, Naxals, ULFA

    Don’t mix politics with business : Counter-View

    Politician and his family shall limit themselves to politics and not engage in business to curb the tendency to bend the rules. This is the way to control corruption, believes — Dr Bharat Jhunjhunwala

    The list of corrupt politicians k..

  • Swadeshi Patrika, Indian farmer, Slums People, Delhi Metro

    Metros no good for Habitation

    Though results of fifteenth Census of India 2011 are only preliminary, they indicate important changes in life of India. Census 2011 indicates that rate of growth of population has nosedived in two most populated cities of India, namely Delhi and ..

  • American Protectionism, United States economy, Indian IT professionals

    American Protectionism

    The level of globalization has to be measured by both capital as well as labour mobility. the developed countries do not allow labor mobility but instead seek full freedom of capital flow and complete market access in developing countries. This is..

  • Swadeshi Patrika, Indian Team, SEZ, World Cup,Punam Pandey

    Our farmers are dying, to hell with the World Cup

    I would be the first person to scream, celebrate and feel proud of any of India’s achievements but, only if all fellow countrymen, farmers, villagers also stand with me and cheer; only if they do not take their own lives ruthlessly, only if ..

  • Swadeshi Patrika, Indian farmer, SEZ

    The Untold Story of the Anna Hazare Phenomenon

    None of the founding members of India Against Corruption, and that includes Anna Hazare, had even in our wildest of imagination thought that Anna’s fast would galvanise the country, and people across the country would stand up and identify w..

  • Mahatma Gandhi, Anna Hazare, Lokpal

    Anna Hazare, suspects cannot be trusted

    Anna’s fast had a very limited objective — that civil society should be involved in drafting the Lokpal Bill — like Gandhiji’s salt march just wanted the salt law repealed. And like Gandhi’s march shook the British, A..

  • Janata Party, anti-corruption movement, Air Marshal, R S Bedi

    Swamy calls for war on graft

    Janata Party president Dr. Subramanian Swamy today called for a war on corruption in India. Corruption, Swamy said, had reached mind-boggling levels, as seen in the money illegally appropriated in the Satyam, CWG and 2G spectrum scams. He drew a c..

  • All India Coconvener, Murlidhar Rao ji, Swadeshi Jagaran

    Politicians have failed this country: – Gurumurthy

    Politicians belonging to both ruling and opposition parties have failed this country. While ruling party has successfully handed over the fight against corruption to non-political element thereby making an essentially political issue a moral issue..

  • Swadeshi Patrika, Indian farmer, SEZ

    Expropriating the Indian farmer

    The traditional farmer wisdom that land alone protects the family from starvation. Compensation disappears easily in fixing the roof, paying engineering college fees, or getting a daughter married is significant. Worse, as most village land is the..

  • Dr. Bharat Jhunjhunwala

    Follow Japan in Land Acquisition

    The country is burning due to acquisition of farmers’ lands for development projects. People are agitated in UP over the acquisition for Yamuna Expressway after Singur in Bengal, Posco in Odisha and Polavaram in Andhra. The fundamental princ..

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