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  • Narayanadas Upadhyayula
  • Will Sonia Gandhi debate with Narendra Modi on TV?

    Monday, Oct 08,2012, 10:22 IST .

    Dilip Padgaonkar holds the televised debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney as a lesson worthy of emulation for Indian political leaders. (Such glaring contrasts). Although televised debates between American presidential candidates were ge..

  • 'Secular' Opposition to Narendra Modi as PM

    Sunday, Jul 08,2012, 11:38 IST .
    Had he been given a third term, Chandrababu Naidu would have evolved into a charismatic leader. Although oratory was not his forte, he had a vision and was seen as a capable administrator.

    The issue of secularism has been debated ad nauseam. There are those who wear their secul..
  • Narendra Modi as Prime Minister in 2014

    Tuesday, Jun 26,2012, 10:39 IST .

    The next general election is two years away. The contours or nature of the next government is anybody’s guess. The only thing that seems certain for now is that it will not be a government ..

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