Owaisi is the Speaking Kasab!

Published: Wednesday, Jan 02,2013, 21:22 IST
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Hate speech by Akbar owaisi was not made into National headlines by Main stream media, but by Social media. It was not today that social media discussed and debated this, but since more than a week ago. Barkha Dutt is right Social media of today represents the opposite side of main stream media,  just like MSM claims they are “secular” , SM claims they are “communal”. SM expose what MSM wants to suppress.
After about a week of revolving in Twitter trend, finally the Owaisi hate speech reached the ears of journalists. Sardesai was first to condemn the speech, with a rider that he condemn the speech made by people of Right too, viz Togadia and Varun Gandhi.  Sardesai was followed by many other journalists who are today going to debate about this issue.

The main issues which I am going to explain are the below ...
1. What makes Owaisi different from the “extremist” voices from the left, right and center?
2. What offence Owaisi has committed when he made that speech and what are its implications?
3. What should 100 Crore Hindus need to learn from the speech Owaisi has made?

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1. What makes Owaisi different from the “extremist” voices from the left , right and center?
For your information here Left means Communist parties of India including the banned ones (maoists), Right means people from Sangh Parivar and also other religious organisations, Center means Congress and other self claimed Secular parties.  If you go through the history of all these political parties and religious organisations all have indulged in hate speech about religion or politics. Hate is hate no matter if it is religious or political. The maoists for example are not only indulging in hate speech, but also wage a war against India as a nation. Leftists in Kannur, Kerala indulge in bloody politics, and recently a CPM leader was arrested for making speech in which he glorified killing political opponents of CPM.  It will not be fair to absolve the right from hate speech offences, Pravin Togadia for example had virtually justified Post Godhra riots by equating it with Lanka burning episode from Ramayana. But the voices of Sangh Parivar are always put to scrutiny by media courts and the courts of the country and Varun Gandhi case is an example. But Mullahs and Padres engage in hate speech on a daily basis, becomes their right to religion. Hate speech by Congress and other secular parties are not highlighted by media but Sikh Genocide is one example when congress leaders exhorted the mobs to rape and massacre sikhs.

Now what has Owaisi said? Owaisi has said so many things, which includes denigration of Rama’s mother, Ram, Hindu Gods etc. The core of his speech which shocked me is when he said

"Arrey Hindustan, hum 25 crore hai na? Tum 100 Crore hai na? Theek hai, tum tho humse itney zyada hai, 15 minute ke liye police ko hata do batadenge kiss mein himmat hai, kaun taqatwar hai, Remove Police for 15 minutes, We will show what 25 Crore Muslims can do to 100 Crore Hindus."
That is to say, like Balbir Punj of BJP has said, he has exhorted Muslims for a civil war, Jihad against Kafirs (non muslims). I am yet to see any other MLA/MP/Politician who has openly exhorted a community to wage war against another community.

The  voices of right,left and centre including Mullahs and Padres who had indulged in hate speech of this degree are not MLA or MPs and there may be many who incite communal passions. But Akbar Owaisi is an MLA who calls his legislative assembly “KAFFIRSTHAN”.

Akbar Owaisi has a brother whom Barkha Dutt of NDTV affectionately calls “Owaisi Sahab”, whose name is Asad Owaisi. He is infamous for his attacks on Taslima Nasrin. He is an MP in Lok Sabha. Not many know hate speech of similar lines made by Asad Owaisi on the floor of parliament. Neither the speaker of LS took any action against him, nor did media make it into an Issue. What he said was exactly this

“I warn the hon. Members, If proper rehabilitation does not take place, you be ready for a third wave of radicalization among Muslim youth”
What both Owaisi brothers have spoken in and outside the Parliament has serious implications considering the communal atmosphere in our country. Within few days of Asad Owaisi making that speech in Parliament, we had seen muslim mob going on rampage in Azad Maidan , Mumbai and destroying the Amar Jawan Jyothi there.

2. What offence Owaisi has committed when he made that speech and what are its implications?
As a student of Law, am also trying to view this in legal perspective. Prima facie this case falls under 153 A and 295 A which is an offence related to religion. But I would like to see this case through Section 121 of Indian Penal Code. “Whoever wages war against the [Government of India], or attempts to wage such war, or abets the waging of such war, shall be punished with death, or [imprisonment for life][and shall also be liable to fine].” It may seem amateur when it is viewed from a lawyers perspective because Courts normally do not go literally what the law says.

However, Kasab was charged with Section 121 IPC for waging war against the state. How did he wage war against the state, by killing hundreds of citizens of state. So he is punishable because he actually waged war against the state. But Section 121 places actual waging of war, attempting to wage war, and abeting the waging of war, at Par. All three are punishable with death/imprisonment for life.  Dont you think Akbar Owaisi has abeted waging of war? I think Owaisi is a speaking Kasab and should be treated more dangerous than the Kasab himself because he creates multiple Kasab with his hate mongering.

I may sound little amateur in strict legal sense, but what I have tried to convey is the gravity of the speech Owaisi had made. Also he has not made this for the first time.

3. What should 100 Crore Hindus need to learn from the speech Owaisi has made?
Hindus learn nothing from anything, they are the only community in the world who think people of all religions are trying to UPLIFT them.  Owaisi speech must be an eye opener for a few in Hindu community.  I had observed how people reacted to Owaisi speech, many muslims condemned it, so has hindus. But Hindus(The secular ones) condemn Owaisi with a rider that Togadia too is hate mongering. But when you ask him for a proof, they come with video links which is  too incomparable with degree of hate spewed by Owaisis. More Hindus condemned Togadia, than Muslims condemned Owaisi, when they heard Owaisi hate speech.


Hindus should understand Owaisi represents the real Wahabi Islam, but he may not be representing Indian Muslims. Indian muslims are too soft when compared to what Islam wanted them to become, may be because of their association with Hindus. We should not let Muslims subscribe to Wahabi Islam which is very dangerous for themselves and for the country. Secular media and Secular Hindus who condemned Owaisi does not differ with him on the issue of Bhagyalakshmi temple near Charminar, Hyderabad and there lies their hypocracy. We must expose the real face of these hypocrites, by taking off the secular masks these Quasi Islamists wear.

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