RSS and Islam: Where they stand on Women

Published: Monday, Jan 07,2013, 11:53 IST
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The thought of comparing RSS ideology with Quran came to my mind when I saw a celebrated member of Political party comparing RSS with Taliban in context with the alleged comments made by RSS chief on marriage. The comments made by RSS chief were misquoted by some news agencies, and the anti RSS bogeys of political parties were quick to condemn it. They said it is anti women mindset of RSS, others said RSS should come out of its medivial mindset. Etc. While I have my own reservations against RSS for not going legally against many news channels, I found it intresting to compare and contrast RSS with Islam. That celebrated member of Aam Aadmi party was saying “RSS is Taliban of India, if you do not condemn RSS, you are also Taliban”. The same members of Aam Aadmi party went once to Imam Bukhari to get support, and even they removed Bharat ma photo which once decorated the stage where Anna fasted. Comparing RSS with Taliban is the best way to defame an organization. We abuse people by calling them dogs and anti RSS lobby in media and politics defame RSS by calling them Taliban.

According to secular narrative Hindus are not represented by RSS and nor is Taliban or any other organization represent muslims. I agree with them and I think Muslims can be best represented by Quran and Prophet Muhammad. But what about RSS? RSS is to Guruji as Muslims are to Muhammad. Golwarkar and Muhammad founded the ideologies of RSS and Islam. Seculars do not compare and contrast RSS ideology rooted in Guruji’s book “Bunch of Thoughts “ and Islamic ideology rooted in “Quran” for obvious reasons which may become clear to you after you complete reading this write up.

Let us first understand what the RSS stand on women is RSS is known for the chants “Bharat mata ki Jai”. Even a person unrelated with RSS shouts “Bharat mata ki Jai”, he is called an RSS agent. The photo of Bharatma was removed from the stage of India Against Corruption because it is anti Islam. If RSS has any deity they pray to, that is Bharat ma, the female form of God. Bharat ma is associated with Shakthi (Power), Vidhya (Knowledge) and Lakshmi (Wealth). So ideologically RSS is not anti female, but it respects and adores the female powers. What about practice? RSS is a men only organization, but in 1936 another RSS was formed which is named Rashtreeya Sevika Samithi. It is parallel organization for women which still operates in various parts of India. So if RSS thought women should be restricted to house hold, will they teach them martial arts ? Many of the organs of Sangh Parivar has women leaders. So RSS respect women ideologically and in practice too.

What about Islam? Your wives are a place of sowing of seed for you, so come to your place of cultivation however you wish and put forth [righteousness] for yourselves. And fear Allah and know that you will meet Him. And give good tidings to the believers. (Q 2:223). What does one make out from this verse? Wives are being compared to a cultivating land? Seculars who found convenient to distort Mohanji Bhagwat comment do not condemn this ridiculous statement in a holy book followed by billions in the world, on the other hand they drag Swami Vivekananda masculine pose, Ramayana, Draupadi etc whenever a feminist issue is discussed.

swayam, Sangh Parivar, Malwa Prant Ekatrikaran

Ideologically Islam gives a secondary status to women. What in practice? The feminist /liberals who justify slutwalk do not condemn the Burqa worn by muslim women. While many of them will say Burqa is not forced upon them, but it is not the reality. I know various Muslim families which force women to wear Burqa. India is a state which has banned Bigamy and also it is a crime to be bigamous. But Muslim males can marry up to four wives and many people exploit this loop hole in law. Seculars and liberals do not condemn this too. The Muslim Divorce law is also discriminatory against women.

Seculars and liberals find it convenient to bash RSS for their views but are totally silent about what goes on in Muslim society. Only when they start criticizing Muslim community in various issues, can they be called real seculars. Till then secularism is only another political ideology like Communism.

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