Khwaja to the foe while infertile justice to the martyr

Published: Monday, Mar 11,2013, 15:19 IST
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Of all the International Relations around the globe, the relation between India and Pakistan occupy a sweltering stature. Apart from various hot wars, there always has been ‘enmity without hostilities’ between the two neighbors.

Before the political and geographical division of 1947, the two nations were plotted on the maps without a boundary wall. The British rulers divided the then India into two separate nations as ‘Union of India’ and ‘Dominion of Pakistan’. Since then, in spite of sharing cultural, demographic and economic links their relationship has always whiffed a pungent aroma. The hassle between the two nations revolves around the Kashmir issue.

During partition, all the princely states were left at their independent decision to join India or Pakistan. Jammu and Kashmir was the largest of all the princely states. It was ruled by a Hindu ruler, Maharaja Hari Singh. With seventy-seven percent of its Muslim population, Pakistan expected to annex it. To liberate it from the Dogra rule, some Muslim revolutionaries and Pakistani revolted against the state ruler. The Maharaja then signed the “Instrument of Accession” that was accepted by the Government of India. The matter is still on blaze and intermittently the bouts of hatred are protruded. To obliterate the war blunders, both nations have tried confidence building measures with Delhi-Lahore bus service and the ceasefire agreement. Sadly, the repeated sinful attacks of the terrorists have drained all the efforts in vain.

On melanoid day of 8th January 2013, two Indian soldiers were killed in cross-LoC ceasefire violation. Three days after the incident it was confirmed by Ministry of Defense, India, that the body of both the soldiers was found to be mutilated, and one of them was beheaded as well. Pakistan rejected the allegations and backfired by stating it as India’s cheap conspiracy. Surprisingly, the Government of India gave a quite cold reaction to it. Dazzled with the response of the Government, the army chief condemned the attack and stated it as “unacceptable and most unpardonable” act.

The issue re-emerged in the air when Pakistan Prime Minister recently made his visit to Ajmer Sharif Dargah. Zainul Abedin, the Dewan of the shrine boycotted the visit in rage of the cross-LoC ceasefire violation incident. He admonished the incident and said that Pakistan is not paying any attention to the sentiments of Indians. He strongly remarked that Pakistan is an Islamic Republic and it is sad that the country is not following Islamic teaching that preach to love and stay in peace with the neighbors.

Also, the Dargah Market Association President stated that shops will be closed voluntarily to join the outrage against the wrong doings by Pakistan. Supporting the boycott, local lawyers protested and blocked the Pakistan’s PM route back to the helipad.

On one side where the Dewan and people were expressing their anger, our worthy Minister of External Affairs, Salman Khurshid hosted a courtesy lunch for the neighboring guests. He welcomed him by saying “Khwaja wants Ashraf to come.” He refused to have a word on villainous incident. In a ghastly manner, he shunned himself from discussing the issue as it was a personal visit.

Army chief Gen Bikram Singh was also reluctant to comment on the visit and stated it to be a political decision. But he has assured that Army had conveyed its concern and ‘befitting’ reply will be given to any ceasefire violations in future. Adding to his remark he expressed histrionically that “If Pak troops violate ceasefire, hum bhi churian pehan ke nahin baithe hain. Our men also fire. This work is done at the tactical level and it is happening.” His words were equally strong when the incident took place but what matters is that will such mournful will come to halt in future!!

Not strange but it was sad to know that for our Government the gruesome matter was inferior to the personal visit of Pakistan’s PM. All the saccharine-dipped talks about the concern towards the families of the victims showed their true caustic colors. It was not for the first time that our Government showed lenient attitude towards them. Even after the attack, the matter was weaned off by adopting some nugatory steps like cancelling the hockey league and denial of the visas.

Why always our Government show benevolent attitude towards such repugnant acts? Our brave soldiers sacrifice their lives for the nation and no one pays deed to it. Life of a soldier is fried in the pan of diplomacy. Government always gives a lame excuse of the limitations on the international grounds. This liberal attitude towards the culprits of horrendous crime is highly unacceptable, offensive and sounds quite scandalous as well. But what are the limitations to the verbal dialogues among the two nations? Probably, none!!

Nation believes in the righteous attitude of the Government towards such godawful acts. It is the duty of our Government to be stark in its measures. There is no place for flimsy and malleable methodology when it is staking the life of the innocents. We have already spent 66 years in the misapplication of harmony. Undoubtedly, texture of Indian diplomacy is comprised of peace, cooperation and bloodless attitude. But the callous, uncivilized and merciless acts should be dealt in more persuasive and dynamic way.

Paying homage to all those who have lost their precious life for the nation, we appeal and expect from our Government to combat the enemies in a more tenacious way.

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