Letter to PM of Italy - A Chimeric Piece

Published: Saturday, Jul 27,2013, 10:03 IST
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Well, we are not as foolish as those 65 apostates who gambled the prestige of our Nation for their personal political benefits. So, nobody will write any letter to Italians to take back Sonia Gandhi. But a dream letter to Italy by a common Indian man would have content similar to this piece.

India as a “free nation” was the dream seen by our martyrs who fought for its Independence. They were not fighting for Hindu or Muslim, but for one India, one Nation. The constitution drafters gave sole responsibility of the Nation in the hands of political leaders with a hope that they will not be nefarious and will work to refine the nation.

List of scams done by UPA Government is boundless and incalculable. Common man is being bamboozled by the government for last nine years. UPA government led by Sonia Gandhi has profoundly annihilated the nation. If we raise voice against this adulterated government then we have to face tough lambaste by the political gorillas. Recently in news was the Aditi restaurant fiasco where the owner was expressing his views and ended up with threats to his work and life. Below is a screenshot of a tweet which explains the kind of democracy we Indians are enjoying in UPA’s reign.


The drama was still in the air when news broke out that 65 Members of Parliament re-faxed a letter to President of the United States of America requesting him to deny Visa to Chief Minister of Gujarat, Mr. Narendra Modi. Two letters were written by 65 MPs out of which one letter was signed by 25 Rajya Sabha members and other was signed by 40 Lok Sabha members on November 26 and December 5, 2012 respectively. The letters were re-faxed on 21st July, 2013. Details of these letters are available on www.65Traitors.com .

After the news and the letter details went viral on social networking sites, many of the leaders denied their act. This is just one grovelling and unfathomable act by the present government. If we scroll back the pages of UPA’s era then we can make out that UPA government is serious about defeating Britishers in draining the wealth of nation.

Some prestigious trophies of the government are here:

# ISRO S-Band Scam: The alleged scam is related to deal between ISRO’s commercial arm Antrix Corp and Devas Multimedia mounting to an approximate loss of Rs. 2 lacs crore. We all know that Ministry of Space comes under the Prime Minister. But when the government is questioned about the scam, they languish in giving a satisfactory answer. The scam is not just a revenue loss but is also a breach in the faith between the government and the people.

# Common Wealth Games: It one of the voluminous scam in Indian history both in terms of concerns and controversies. Common Wealth Games organization had pitfalls from construction to the sale of tickets. People were angry as the money was spent extravagantly on a sporting event in a poor, under-developed nation. Firstly, billions of dollars were spent on games in a country which has largest concentration of poor people. Secondly, everything bought was priced 100 times the original price of the product. Former CWG organizing committee chairman, Suresh Kalmadi and nine others were charged for cheating and conspiracy in this scam. Approximately 8000 crore rupees have been gobbled this in scam.

# 2-G Spectrum scam: A scam that involved politicians, government officials, journalists and business tycoons had dropped the national revenue by Rs 1.76 lakh crore. The scam occupies prodigious place because of the people involved in this scandal and execution of its plan.

# Adarsh Society Scam: Adarsh Society was constructed in the heart of Mumbai for the welfare of serving and retired Defence personnel. But over 10 years of time, three Chief Ministers of the state along with top bureaucrats and army officials subverted the rules and regulations to grab the government land for their personal benefits.

# Cash for Votes Scandal: UPA is allegedly charged for bribing Members of Parliament to survive the confidence vote in July, 2008. Wikileaks exposed a Congress party aide, Nachiket Kapoor who aggrandized to US officials about paying bribe to four RLD leaders to pave way for Indo-US Nuclear deal. Well, the only probable source of money which was used to bribe the leaders was churned out from the scams and corruption.

# Coalgate: Comptroller and Auditory General of India office accused the government of India for improper allocation of coal during the period 2004-2009. Whenever people talk about the culprit in regard to this scandal, all the fingers point out towards PM of the nation.

There are many more scandals done by UPA leaders but the space here is less to summarize them.

Government of India is always seen crying for dearth of funds and even stoop to inane zero-loss theory. In fact, UPA should rename itself as zero-revenue government. The government instead of serving the nation is padding up its own pocket. Scams, mass killings, malnutrition, suicides, rapes have been part of routine life for a common man in last decade.

Monetary status of government was very well stripped off after the Uttarakhand tragedy. Instead of understanding the sensitivity of the situation, the senior congress leaders did not leave a single chance to promulgate their duty. They were steaming politics and advertising for their vote bank over the pyres of the dead people in the tragedy.

People of the country are now surfeited to the extent that they can do anything to eradicate this shoddy government. According to various surveys not more than 20% of the Indian population is active on social networking sites. Out of the humiliation of raunchy government, a tweet was made in a fizz which got a huge support from the people. Not just twitter, even the screenshot of the tweet went viral on facebook. It was not the popularity of person who made that tweet but the anger in the people against the holocaust done by the government made it trendy.


We can laugh off at the lines. Sadly, these leaders have done their best to nibble the nation.

It is still not late to make wise use of our precious vote. Vote for a better role model, a leader who can work for the development, progress and prosperity of the nation.

Author : Dr Shweta Puri | Follow the writer twitter.com/DrShwetaPuri

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