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Published: Wednesday, Jan 23,2013, 08:46 IST
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It is no secret that the Congress Party has no substance to them. They continue to capitalise on their past credibility, gathered during the time of India’s independence.

They sport an Italian waitress as the hand that rocks the cradle and her progeny as show pieces for the population. Sonia Gandhi spearheads the campaigns but demonstrates little in the way of insight. Many have compared her to Marie Antoinette of France. Apart from eating cake, she has a commodity exploited by Congress – the Gandhi name and the credibility of the dynasty.
In his recent post-coronation speech Rahul Gandhi told India
“India fought with non-violence and with voice. Everybody told us that it cannot be done. Everybody told us that if you want to get rid of the British you have to use violence. And the Congress Party said no, we are not going to use violence. We are going to use non-violence. And we defeated the biggest empire of its time and we sent them home”
This demonstrates the Congress obsession with re-writing history. They take sole credit for the entire victory against the British.  If we look back into history, independence was achieved due to the collective shrewd tactics of Mahatma Gandhi and many others. The fact is, independence was not solely achieved by the Congress Party. It was achieved by the collective effort of many freedom fighters. Congress cannot twist history to their advantage. It is clearly the case that they wish to brain wash the population to obtain their votes. Congress is a cosmetic party – it loves its money, its power and will do anything to keep it.

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Memories fade, and they clearly prefer not to remind people that Congress actually disowned the ideals of Mohandas K Gandhi long ago. Gandhi said

'a very large body of Congress intelligentsia were tired of my method and views, and the programme based upon them, [and] that I was a hindrance rather than a help to the natural growth of the Congress.'
India’s love for Mohandas K Gandhi continues unfazed. Even though Sonia Gandhi had no blood relationships with Mohandas K Gandhi, it is the surname that strikes into the heart of the masses. Congress knows this, has harnessed it and continues to take advantage of it. This is one of the reasons why the Gandhi Dynasty has ruled for so many years. Perhaps many want to hold onto a glorious past that is no more.

This is also the reason why Rahul Gandhi has risen with speed to be second in command in the Congress Party. It is a nepotistic promotion. It is clear that this position was not obtained on merit. The Congress Party therefore fails at the first hurdle of fairness. Is this the manner in which it conducts all its politics? Are people promoted by fame, power and name as opposed to merit? The example set here is not a good one for India.

The Rahul Problem [link] delivered in style by the Economist analysed the qualities of this plastic prince. This is what the leading journal had to say:

“But he has long refused to take on a responsible position, preferring to work on reorganising Congress’s youth wing, and leading regional election efforts, both with generally poor results. The problem is that Mr Gandhi has so far shown no particular aptitude as a politician, nor even sufficient hunger for the job. He is shy, reluctant to speak to journalists, biographers, potential allies or foes, nor even to raise his voice in parliament. Nobody really knows what he is capable of, nor what he wishes to do should he ever attain power and responsibility. The suspicion is growing that Mr Gandhi himself does not know.
“Brand” Rahul, she suggests convincingly, is confused. A man of immense privilege, rising only because of his family name, struggles to look convincing when he talks of meritocracy”
The article continues

“The overall impression of Mr Gandhi from Mrs Ramachandran’s book is that of a figure who has an ill-defined urge to improve the lives of poor Indians, but no real idea of how to do so. He feels obliged to work in politics, but his political strategies are half-baked, and he fails to develop strong ties with any particular constituency. He has tried to disavow the traditional role of a Gandhi (which would pose him as a Western-educated member of the elite with a near-feudal style of concern for the masses) preferring to pitch himself as a man ready to drink the dirty water of village peasants, and to eat food among the most marginalised of society. But his failure to follow up on such gestures (and many others), with policy or prolonged interventions to help a particular group, suggests a man who strikes an attitude but lacks skills in delivering real change—either as election results, or social improvement”
Rahul Gandhi is no stranger to controversy. He was cleared of a gang rape allegation but no one is actually privy to the facts of the case. There have been allegations of “stashing away black money abroad” and "Sonia, Rahul Gandhi stash black money in Swiss Bank? Booked". Rahul Gandhi has not been transparent in relation to this allegation. He has not demonstrated his innocence to date. There remains a question mark over his financial dealings. Perhaps he is of the view that relying on the archaic independence freedom fights of the past will absolve him of any responsibility to be transparent to the Indian people.

An interesting summary written by Ram Jethmalani, a leading lawyer demonstrates the mystery:

“KGB archives after the fall of the Soviet Union reveal that since 1982, when Indira Gandhi was still the Prime Minister, Soviet trading agencies were channelling funds into a company controlled by her son and Rahul's father, the future Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. Harvard Russian scholar Yevgenia Albats has clearly narrated this in her book, The State within a State: The KGB and Its Hold on Russia. The Swiss news-magazine Schweizer Illustrierte (11 November 1991) provided more details. Citing newly opened KGB records, it reported that Sonia Gandhi, widow of the former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, was controlling a secret account worth 2.5 billion Swiss francs in a Swiss bank in her minor son's name.
Ms Albats had full access to secret files of the KGB, and disclosed in her book that KGB chief Victor Chebrikov in December 1985 had sought in writing from the central committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU), "authorization to make payments in US dollars to the family members of Mr. Rajiv Gandhi, namely Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and Ms Paola Maino, mother of Sonia Gandhi.” CPSU payments were authorised by a resolution, CPSU / CC / No 11228/3 dated 20 December, 1985; and endorsed by the USSR Council of Ministers. These payments had been coming since 1971, as payments received by Sonia Gandhi's family, and "have been audited in CPSU / CC resolution No. 11187/22 OP dated October 12, 1984".
Rahul has remained tight lipped about the above. The next controversy has surrounded his qualifications. The New Indian Express had the details

“In the affidavit, he states that he obtained an MPhil from Trinity College of the University of Cambridge, UK, in 1995, in Developmental Economics. A certificate from the University shows that not only has he got dates wrong, he has even got the name of the course he took incorrect. Worse, the man touted as a future prime minister failed one of his four papers”
For these allegations, there has been no responses, no investigations; any court challenges have disappeared from public view, with no litigation for defamation and no disclosure of documents. In short, no one in India knows what goes on in the dark corridors of Congress. Rahul Gandhi appears to be above the law of the land. There appears to be no accountability at all.

His recent speech was a highly emotionally charged set of words, designed to tug at the heart strings of India. Does India really want an over-emotional directionless individual? Or does it need a highly intelligent, dispassionate man with a problem solving approach?

Congress has many masterful talents – one is to use large amounts of cosmetics to cover up its real face. If Rahul Gandhi had nothing to hide, he would have no objections to disclosing the various documents for public view. The public deserve more than his empty words, finely drafted by Congress.

When the allegations were again made by Baba Ramdev, the anti-corruption campaigner, Mr Gandhi said

“I am seriously not interested in this issue. I have far more serious things to do.” [link].
No one quite understood what these “serious things were”? After all, Rahul Gandhi has never been seen to do anything constructive for India. Admittedly, he has always been prompt for photo-opportunities. He may capitalise on his baby face and doe-eyed good looks as the most eligible bachelor in India. But, in reality, it isn’t enough to just be a “pretty boy” in a democracy that needs a strong leader. It is questionable whether Rahul can indeed be a real “man” of substance.

His actions thus far demonstrate his lack of wisdom and his obsession with playing to the audience with accessorized false tears of woe – still a babe in the arms of Sonia Gandhi. He has not grasped the real problems of India. He asks the people to believe in his integrity but has not demonstrated why they should believe in him at all. As second only to his Italian mother Sonia Gandhi, he will find himself in a political clash infamously known as Om versus Rome. History tells us that the fall of ancient Rome was slow. It involved the disintegration of political, economic, military and other social institutions, in tandem with foreign invasions. This is not unlike the situation currently ongoing under the Italian-Congress rule. The history lesson to Congress is this – Rome did eventually fall. The reckless disregard for civil liberties is one of the symptoms of disintegrating government integrity. The ruling plastic prince is part of the problem and certainly not the solution.

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