The Snakes in Our Own Grass

Published: Tuesday, Feb 19,2013, 10:21 IST
LeT, JuD, Yasin Malik, Hafiz Saeed, Afzal Guru, sandeep web

What’s common to LeT, JuD, Yasin Malik, and Hafiz Saeed? All are terrorists who’ve vowed the destruction of India and have at various points, taken violent steps to make this intention clear. What else is common to LeT, JuD, Yasin Malik, and Hafiz Saeed? All of ‘em terrorists have mourned the execution of the homegrown traitor cum terror mastermind, Afzal Guru.

Guess who all else share the aforementioned commonality?

Anand Patwardhan—One of the early scavengers of the Gujarat riots, he washed India’s dirty linen in the US and elsewhere in the world and became famous and wealthy.

Angana Chatterji—But of course. With a Godfather like Fai, her support for anybody who wages war against India is both guaranteed and obvious. 

Arundhati Roy—Also known as Genocide Suzie. Enough said.

Asghar Ali Engineer—That this chronicler of communal riots in India has consistently failed to notice evenone dead Hindu in a communal riot should support Afzal Guru is again unsurprising.

Binayak Sen—The kindly doctor who tends to the bloodthirsty Maoists who’ve declared war against the Indian state.

D.N. Jha—He who finds a place in Arun Shourie’s list of Eminent Historians.

Farzana Versey—Sigh.

Harsh Mander—THE CEO of the Gujarat Riots Cottage Industry naturally doing his bit to further that vile hate-India project.

Irfan Habib—See the entry under “D.N. Jha.”

Omar Abdullah—The Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir playing politics as usual.

Prashant Bhushan—He who also led that fake crusade against corruption conveniently blinding his eyes to the greater threat of Islamic terrorism and the even greater threat of homegrown support for it.

Siddharth Varadarajan—If his ex-boss and predecessor was nicknamed Mount Road Marx, this guy has ripped the last strand of the façade of decency that remained in the Hindu under N.Ram. 

Vinod K Jose—He who wrote that putrid piece profiling Narendra Modi as Hitler in the Caravan magazine.

This is a partial list of some prominent names that have signed the mercy petition for Afzal Guru and/or shed tears and/or outraged over Guru’s deserved hanging. The complete list of the petition-signers (347 eminences) is available here.

Let’s look at yet another mercy petition. Here’s a partial list of its notable signatories.

Harsh Mander

Aakar Patel

Shivam Vij—Back in the early days of blogging, a certain blogger once said that if there’s a single excuse to justify ragging, it is Shivam Vij. I tend to agree with that blogger.

Nandita Das

S. Anand—Full name, Stephen Anand. Used to be with Outlook. Also used to be a regular poison-spewer at that hate site called

Dilip D’Souza—A highly polished version of of S. Anand. Check my blog archives for a fuller profile.

Mahashweta Devi

Aruna Roy—Fellow traveller of Harsh Mander. Also his colleague at the NAC.

Achin Vainik—Old coot who did much to derail the discourse during the Ram Janmabhoomi days.

The complete list of 203 eminences is available here. This happens to be the list of signatories to for Ajmal Kasab’s mercy petition.

See how it gets better and better? First, their hearts bled for the 2003 Parliament attack conspirator, Afzal Guru. Not merely that. They declared him innocent and waged a pitched battle to secure his release. When the Supreme Court showed them the middle finger, they changed tactics and clamoured for clemency. If clemency was granted, one can only imagine the kind of reception this now-dead terrorist would’ve received. Hell, he’d have even become an MP. And then, the cockles of their oh-so-compassionate hearts warmed for a terrorist who the nation had seen in action on 26/11—wielding an automatic and mowing down dozens of innocent people, all part of the Holy War Kasab and his comrades launched against India. Like I said, better and better.

And notice that all of ‘em signatories are Indians. Notice also that several of them occupy extremely powerful positions in Government and in other spheres of public life. And they have, over the years, steadily dropped their pretence of being secular or fair-minded or whatever other nonsense, and have revealed themselves for what they are: Nth grade opportunists who wouldn’t think twice before betraying the nation.

What’s even worse is that many of them have been exposed—Binayak Sen, Harsh Mander, Angana Chatterji, and Arundhati Roy figure prominently in this list—doing far worse things than merely signing mercy petitions or shedding tears for dead terrorists. The charlatanism of Fai’s Minions is a singular case in point. Yet nothing has happened to them, a fact that gives a Genocide Suzie the gumption to pen yet another toxic piece damning Indian democracy for hanging a terrorist. That the piece appeared in the Siddharth Varadajan-led The Hindu is entirely fitting. If The Hindu was rumoured to be India’s People’s Daily under N.Ram, one wonders whether it’s a limb of Pakistan’s official propaganda machine under Sid Varadarajan. You’ll know it isn’t an exaggeration the moment you read how this Mephistophelean paperelevated Afzal Guru to Mahatmahood courtesy a deviant named Gaurav Vivek Bhatnagar. More importantly, let’s not forget that Siddharth Varadarajan was on the esteemed-guest list of Ghulam Nabi Fai.

It is understandable in many cases that death-penalty decriers come from a position of extremehumaneness. One can forgive them for their naiveté. However, what is the nature, character, and record of the people our powerful eminences support? They’re brainwashed terrorists of an enemy nation, which has a not-so-secret project to destroy India. It’s not that these worthies merely sign mercy petitions. What’s worse, worrying, and dangerous is the fact that they condemn the Indian state for hanging these human weapons of terror launched by the enemy nation just next door.

Which makes these terrorist-mercy-seeking perverts more dangerous than the terrorists themselves. We at least have some basic mechanisms to monitor the plans and activities of terrorists. But what mechanism do we put in place to check the hundreds of Harsh Manders, Angana Chatterjis and the rest who it appears are beyond the reach of law? What can our law enforcement agencies do when a Harsh Mander takes his orders directly from and enjoys the complete confidence of the Super Prime Minister herself? More importantly, why isn’t anyone in the Government or Opposition, why hasn’t anyone prominent in public life woken up to the fact that there’s something seriously wrong when these luminaries join terror outfits like LeT and JuD in spirit in mourning the death of Afzal Guru and Ajmal Kasab? Does this also mean that these bleeding hearts will echo the Jihadist war cry of LeT and JuD who have sworn to avenge Kasab’s death? Doesn’t the fact that these Jihadi agencies mourn Afzal Guru’s death prove that they consider him one of their own? Equally, doesn’t this same fact prove that Arundhati Roy et al’s disgusting book (The strange case of the Parliament attack) and similar articles defending Afzal Guru and castigating the Indian state are packs of lies?

How did we get to this mad, sad, and dangerous state of affairs? I leave the answer to your intelligence. But what’s clear is this, said so well by the redoubtable Barbar Indian:

[The Fai Minions’] investigation might provide vital clues as to whether the Congress establishment has remained merely corrupt and exploitative or has transitioned into the dark zone of open subversion.

The answer obviously veers dangerously close to a “yes.” The Congress establishment may directly not engage in subversion against the very nation whose sovereignty, unity, and integrity it has sworn to uphold, preserve and protect. However, it does two very disturbing things. One, it allows patently anti-national people to wield enormous power almost with impunity. Two, when they are caught acting with impunity, it turns a blind eye. Unpunished evil is an encouragement to perpetuate greater evil.

As we notice, the envelope has already been pushed way too far. The ruling class by its silent acquiescence, continues to support any effort in that direction. Nobody is immune to temptation in an ecosystem where the rewards are enormous because addition happens exponentially. Former Chief Justices, Prime Minister’s media advisers, chief editors of newspapers…every top job adds its bit to this subversion of Indian national interest.

The historical parallels are striking. Every minister and every general who betrayed a powerful king did his bit to enable the conquest of India piece by piece until the whole was swallowed.

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