From Spiritualism to Politics... but Why BJP?

Published: Monday, Oct 14,2013, 19:46 IST
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Aadhyatm implies leading a life with values. Spiritualism is ingrained in every aspect of life. 
If we remove spiritualism from life, we will be devoid of peace and hope, and a saga of destruction will be scripted. If we take spiritualism away from religion we are left with terrorism. And, if we take away spiritualism from commerce we are left with exploitation. Similarly, if we remove spiritualism from politics, we are left with anarchy, collapsing systems and bad governance.
All this is before us today. Taking up the task of governance, which was once considered the very epitome of leadership, ability, efficiency and valour, is today akin to entering the gutter.
In my childhood I sought answers to life's questions, and then was blessed with being near Shri Shri. I gained self-satisfaction in serving society and thus chose the path of serving the country, nation and humanity as my faith and my religion.
As a 'Server' one can provide treatment for a malaise. However, one has to change the system to ensure that the disease does not occur. For long I have felt this, and then Shri Shri inspired me to step forward into the field of improving the system. I decided then that if I arrest my momentum at this juncture, it would amount to disrespecting my spirit to cure the ills of society that I have nurtured all these years.
My goal is not limited to the journey from the Streets to the Parliament. Rather, I have to travel from the Parliament back to the same Streets, but this time armed with the power to bring about change.
Why BJP?
As I have explained, the purpose of entering politics is changing the status quo in society. Our present government is certainly happy with its situation. It sees the glittering streets of Delhi, but it has no idea of the cracks in the same streets. Joining such a government is against my values. And, joining some small party would mean minimal chances of being able to bring about desired change.         It is notable that BJP even after 60 years of its formation, has not been able to spread across length & breadth of this country. Hence forming a new party or even joining a smaller organization would be like throwing this country into darkness for another 60 years!
Besides, BJP and Jan Sangh, formed just a few years after our Independence, have provided to the country unparalleled leaders and leadership. Even today, the administration in states ruled by the BJP has given better results and outcomes. On the counts of progress and development too, the BJP-ruled states have proved their mettle. This party's strategic thinking for the nation and its administrative acumen are well known. The personality of the world-renowned Shri Narendra Modiji attracts me, just like it attracts everyone else.
BJP's policies, strategies, methods, have all impressed me. Therefore, I have decided to join the BJP and translate my dream of "Bharat Navnirman" into reality.
I will take my first step in this direction on October 15, 2013. 
Do be there with me on that day to not just boost my enthusiasm, but also join me and be with me in this Journey for Change.
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