The Truth behind the West Bengal gang-rape

Published: Monday, Feb 03,2014, 16:26 IST
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Trial by media is the norm in India where shameless journalists now wear party tags but shirts dipped in yellow and blood. A pillar of democracy, journalism just sentenced 13 innocent to life in jail, if not death.

Ground level, idealist journalists tear their hair in frustration when reports they send to their offices are doctored shamelessly to run a political agenda.

Mamata Banerjee’s appeasement of Islamists and Muslims has landed her in big trouble as Monirul Islam, MLA, a defector from CPI (M), under scrutiny for three murders, has hatched this plot to bring infamy to her and to teach the poor tribal a lesson they won’t forget. Mamata is the quixotic queen pandering to the king making Muslims.

The tribal have been battling Muslim atrocities for several years now. Last year they were on a six month strike against Muslim atrocities on them and their women. They refused to work in the building materials factories owned by the Muslim until they gave them better pays and kept their hands off their women. But the government and Muslims broke their back.

West Bengal gang-rape

There was no rape committed in the present case.

This is a false allegation against the poor tribal. Meanwhile, Monirul Islam an alleged murderer, is establishing his power over this territory and the poor tribal even while Mamata salivates ambitiously over all the 42 Lok Sabha seats in the forthcoming elections with Muslim support.

The sequence of events is as follows:

  • On 20th January, 2014 at about 7 PM the said Nisha (name changed) and Sheikh Khalek were caught in a compromising position by the village folk. The male members of the village took Khalek Sheikh and tied him to a palm tree. The females of the villages also got Nisha and tied her to the same tree. Soon the villagers realizing that night dew falling on the two’s head could make them sick made arrangements to cover their heads.
  • Nisha had lived in Delhi for several years to earn a livelihood – she gave different statements at different times on the type of work she did. Sometimes she said that she worked as a maid, on occasions when she got drunk she said that she worked as a prostitute in Delhi. She returned back from Delhi about 6 months ago (approx).
  • The villagers had objections to Nisha’s mixing with Khalek and other unknown males. According to the villagers Nisha was spoiling the village environment. This village has only 29 homes. Nisha’s involvement with outside males and Khalek was allegedly commercial. It be noted that Khalek is much older in age to Nisha and also has a wife and children, a daughter whose marriage preparations were on.
  • The next morning (21/01/2014) Khalek called his brother Seikh Farooq. The latter accompanied by others from Khalek’s village, reached the spot.
  • Khalek was fined Rs 25,000/- which his brother paid for Khalek’s wrong doing. Nisha was fined Rs. 3,000/- but she pleaded that she did not have cash and promised to pay later.
  • After the outsiders had dispersed life became normal for the villagers. The girl Nisha was also normal and talked over her phone and moved around freely in the village.
  • The next day (22/01/2014) in the afternoon Nisha got on a bicycle and rode away from the village. In the evening the police came and picked four boys from the village and took them to the Police station. Since these four boys did not return until late the villagers smelled something wrong and went to the police station in a group.
  • There they saw the local MLA Monirul Islam, Khalek Sheikh and many other unknown faces. At that point these poor illiterate tribal asked the police to release the 4 innocent tribal. The Inspector/Officer in charge and the local MLA (Monirul Islam) said that a small case had been registered against 13 people and called out names of 9 other people to identify themselves. The nine, being present there were stunned to hear their names being called out by the police. The MLA convinced the villagers that there was nothing to worry about and that the next morning all thirteen would be released. Sadly the villagers were conned into believing the MLA and returned leaving the 13 behind.
  • The next day 23/01/2014 all 13 were produced in court with charges of rape. However, since the police knew that this is a fabricated story they did NOT pray for POLICE CUSTODY. Thus all 13 were sent to Judicial Custody. The matter was pushed to the media and the media had a golden chance to rocket their TRP and sale of Newspapers.
  • Now that the media has escalated the matter and the Supreme Court has intervened the police have taken Police Custody of the 13 innocent tribal. There is news of police torture of these innocent. There is pressure on them to admit that they have committed rape.
  • Back in the village the police have surrounded the village and are molesting the tribal women and not allowing village male to stay there. In the immediate aftermath of the false claim of rape the village was patrolled by RAF and other police personnel.
  • On 2/02/2014 a tribal organization Adivasi Adhikar Hoosai Manch took out a rally and condemned the police action and proclaimed the villagers innocent. They also protested against the maligning of their cultural and administrative Sailaishi Sabha’s as Khaps.

This is the state of affairs. A dubious girl Nisha has descended like a dark moonless night on the fate of 13 families and has become the symbol of Islamic atrocities on Bengal.

Mamata is unable to distinguish between friends and enemies. She is relegating Muslims into the dustbin of backwardness with her appeasement of Islamists.

West Bengal gang-rape

Army chiefs, intellectuals and intelligence agencies have claimed ever so often that there is an Islamic conspiracy to carve out a new country from the North Eastern states and Bengal. She is hastening the fulfillment of this nefarious agenda. West Bengal urgently needs President’s rule due to the total breakdown of law and order and matters of National Security.

The CBI should probe this case. National Media houses should focus on their Bengal desks and weed out shady elements therein that compromise truth despite their national level strength to withstand pressure from Mamata Banerjee.

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