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  • Maheish Girri
  • Lok Sabha Polls will usher India of our dreams

    Tuesday, Jan 14,2014, 16:27 IST .

    The decks are getting cleared for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections which will decide the future course of our nation. The poll process will in all probability commence next month.

    Will the Indian people continue to suffer unwarranted inflation, corruption and bad governance? Or, will they find an end to their pain after the Lok Sabha polls? The answers to these questions will depend ..

  • Vote Bank Politics assumes a Jehadi Avataar

    Thursday, Nov 14,2013, 18:16 IST .

    The recent bomb blasts at Shri Narendra Modi's public rally at Patna's historic Gandhi Maidan, in which six people died and almost a hundred were injured, have brought into sharp focus the minority appeasement vote-bank politics of the so-called secular parties which puts national interest on the back-burner. When Mr. Modi says that the next General Elections will be fought by the Ind..

  • From Spiritualism to Politics... but Why BJP?

    Monday, Oct 14,2013, 19:46 IST .
    Aadhyatm implies leading a life with values. Spiritualism is ingrained in every aspect of life. 
    If we remove spiritualism from life, we will be devoid of peace and hope, and a saga of destruction will be scripted. If we take spiritualism away from religion we are left with terrorism. And, if we take away spiritualism from commerce we are left with expl..
  • Who is responsible for Assam's situation...?

    Friday, Jul 27,2012, 23:08 IST .

    When politician’s sell their soul and self respect then ‘prostitution of politics’ starts, Assam riots are a clear result of that. This "prostitution of politics" is a gift to our country by the UPA Government.

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