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  • Professor R Vaidyanathan
  • Is India safe... What is Ford Foundation?

    Wednesday, Jan 15,2014, 21:09 IST .

    Lot of tweets and buzz doing round about growing presence of Ford Foundation in India and Indian politics. Felt like doing some research on this. Trust me results have been shocking. It really raises questions – IS INDIA SAFE?

    What is Ford Foundation?

    Always thought that Ford Foundation was a philanthropic organization involved in charity, until I came..

  • India Growth : The untold story caste as social capital

    Friday, Oct 19,2012, 16:35 IST .

    1. Introduction: Indian economy has been growing at a compounded average growth rate [CAGR] of more than 8.5 percent in the last five years. [1].The largest segment of the economy namely the service sector accounting for nearly 65 percent is also the fastest growing sector. We find that the share of non-corporate sector namely partnership /proprietorship firms in the service ..

  • Scrap FCRA and Save the Republic - Prof R Vaidyanathan

    Monday, May 07,2012, 13:08 IST .

    Normally reticent and mild mannered Manmohan Singh in an interview to Science magazine during February mentioned that American NGO’s are funding the protests against Kudankulam nuclear plant. He also blamed protests against genetically modified crops on groups which were funded from the US and Scandinavian countries.

    He said that “they are not fully appreciative of ..

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