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  • Sanjay Kumar
  • A Wonder That Is Nepal…

    Tuesday, May 28,2013, 13:44 IST .
    During my stay in Nepal, I got a chance to travel across length and breadth of this majestic Himalayan Kingdom and marvel at its bountiful natural beauty. Undoubtedly Nepal is known for its mystique in west. It’s also known as traveller’s or trekker’s destination, the dramatic and imposing peaks of Himalayas challenges and beacons most. Life here has timeless enduring qual..
  • A Silent Spiritual Revolution : Volunteer for a better India

    Saturday, Dec 22,2012, 09:24 IST .

    As the public outrage continues to outpour against the heinous and horrific gang-rape in Delhi, the intelligentsia of the country is busy passing the buck and amidst all this thousands of young people without indulging in any dharnas, protests, blame game are taking out peace marches, creating awareness, meditating and praying. These youth are part the of Volunteer For A Better India (VFABI),..

  • Sociology and Economics of Violence : An Indian Perspective

    Thursday, Nov 29,2012, 23:41 IST .

    Violence has become a global phenomenon today, no country or state is untouched by it. Globally, violence accounts for the death of more than 1.5 million people annually. Speaking of India itself, Jammu & Kashmir is facing militancy, North-East is marred with insurgency and as per MHA record the 2/3rd of the country is spawned by Maoism We’ll be amazed to know the figures of expense..

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