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  • Why do we perform Lakshmi Puja during Diwali?

    Bhanu Narasimhan | Tuesday, Nov 13,2012, 08:19 IST .

    Tapping The Source of The Greatest Wealth
    Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth and prosperity. Wealth is a vital ingredient bestowed upon us for maintenance and progress in our life. It is much more than just having money. It means abundance in knowledge, skills and talents. Lakshmi is the energy that manifests as the complete spiritual and material well-bein..

  • Ramachandra Guha's fear of Suicide bombers

    Anand Mathur | Monday, Nov 12,2012, 22:29 IST .

    Ramachandra Guha is a nitpicking frustrated and blinkered author who has nothing more serious to write about than Hindutva obsessed internet trolls! Outlook magazine itself is a blinkered mainstream magazine that tends to toe the line dictated by the political winds in the country.

    At a time when the world is busy combating Islamic fundamentalism and terrorism and the threats p..

  • Are you Spending your Life Abusing Others Girish Karnad?

    Sandeep Web | Monday, Nov 12,2012, 01:12 IST .

    The Mumbai Lit fest on Friday witnessed major drama when veteran actor and theatre artist Girish Karnad slammed Nobel prize laureate VS Naipaul and called him anti-Muslim. Karnad, who was present at the lit-fest on Friday to conduct a class on theatre, spoke at length about Naipaul.
    The first paragraph of CNN-IBN’s news report makes it clear that the purpos..

  • Trillion Dollar Plan, Enough to wipe out hunger, poverty and disease from India

    Devinder Sharma | Thursday, Nov 08,2012, 11:01 IST .

    Every now and then I read about the desperate need to invest $ 1 trillion in infrastructure projects in India. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has reiterated this time and again. Addressing the Asian Development Bank at Manila in May, former Finance Minister (and now the President of India) Pranab Mukherjee said: "India needs about USD 1 trillion in the next five years for infrastructure d..

  • Sonia Gandhi on Kashmir secession body

    Sandhya Jain | Tuesday, Nov 06,2012, 23:01 IST .

    UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi has unwisely joined a body supporting Kashmir secession because she loves rubbing shoulders with international glitterati. As chairperson, Rajiv Gandhi Foundation, Ms. Gandhi is co-president of the Forum of Democratic Leaders in the Asia-Pacific (FDL-AP), an organization promoting democracy (sic) in this region. Other co-presidents include former Philippines Presi..

  • Girish Karnad's Toxic Tantrums

    Sandeep Web | Tuesday, Nov 06,2012, 00:24 IST .

    So Girish Karnad is back again. In style. And with a fury I scarcely expected he was capable of. It’s really a monumental pity that a fine actor like Girish Karnad can nary control his itch to mouth inanities.


  • Denigrating Indian Culture: The Girish Karnad Way

    Sandeep Web | Saturday, Nov 03,2012, 17:44 IST .

    It is surprising how somebody whom you’ve had as your personal icon later transmogrifies in your eyes and then becomes the object of shallowness and intellectual vacuity. To me, Girish Karnad symbolizes this metamorphosis. I was an ardent admirer of this dramatist in my late teens; this admiration spilled over into my early twenties, too. I’ve read almost all of his plays in the o..

  • Judiciary as Reliance Gift Horse

    Sandhya Jain | Saturday, Nov 03,2012, 13:19 IST .

    While appreciating India Against Corruption’s putting the spotlight on Reliance Industries, its face-off with the CAG and reputed role in the exit of Jaipal Reddy from the Petroleum Ministry, the author would like to point out that she had written about the judiciary’s role in facilitating Reliance’s unreasonable demands nearly two years ago in a column in T..

  • Retail FDI Reloaded!

    Devinder Sharma | Sunday, Oct 28,2012, 13:19 IST .

    Employment generation is always on the top of agenda for any visiting Head of State. No, I didn't mean the visiting Presidents/Prime Ministers want to look into the possibility of creating employment in India . What I meant was that they come to India with the hope of creating thousands of jobs back home. I have always heard successive US Presidents spell out how many jobs they are going ..

  • A Pail of Water

    Bharath Gyan | Friday, Oct 26,2012, 10:11 IST .

    Almost everyone living in India today has gone through the experience, of having to fill buckets with water, just so that, after the municipal supply of water has stopped flowing, one still has water available for the rest of the day. Those who did not store, have literally paid the price by having to buy water.

    The same holds good for the land. Unless the rain water is collect..

  • Farmer suicides in America and Europe

    Sandhya Jain | Monday, Oct 22,2012, 00:24 IST .

    In what is one of the Free World’s best kept secrets, farmer suicides – a phenomenon popularly associated with India – are rearing their heads in America and Europe, and are becoming difficult to push under the carpet. Though Big Media has largely dodged the story, local newspapers have carried occasional reports. The suicides have been happening for some years now; some sta..

  • Bhanumati Narsimhan, an Introduction

    Bhanu Narasimhan | Sunday, Oct 21,2012, 15:23 IST .

    Bhanu Narasimhan has played a key role in The Art of Living Foundation, since its inception. Founded in 1981 by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, The Art of Living Foundation is a non-profit, educational and humanitarian NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) engaged in stress-management and service initiatives. The organization operates globally in 151 countries. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, her ..

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