One day, one rhythm and one million people doing SuryaNamaskar #Yogathon

Published: Saturday, Apr 07,2012, 11:53 IST
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Yogathon an Art of Living's initiative to create awareness about yoga and create interest in its practice for a healthier living.

On the occasion of World Health Day, 7th of April, 2012, this "entry-free event" conducting all across India in schools, parks, colleges, stadiums, prisons, rehabilitation centers, orphanages, clubs and other venues. The event will be conducted in the morning from 6:00am to 7:30am and in the evening from 5:00pm to 6:30pm.

Participants can choose to participate in any one of the timings convenient to them. Yogathon also conducting in these countries: Australia, Japan, Malaysia, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

This unique event, 'Yogathon Challenge' will inspire people to learn Surya Namaskar, participate to check how many rounds they can complete.

The Yogathon Challenge allows you to participate to the best of your ability. It challenges you to complete 54 sets (108 rounds) of Surya Namaskar.


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