UPA cracks out in the open, BJP calls it sinking ship

Published: Thursday, Oct 20,2011, 11:09 IST
UPA, BJP, DMK, CAG, Rajiv Pratap Rudi, Mamta Banerjee, IBTL

After Union Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar's calling the UPA 'weak' and praising Narendra Modi, it was the turn of DMK member T R Balu. Balu expressed his dissatisfaction over various issues while saying that he partially agreed with what Pawar said.

Balu specifically mentioned the Anna Hazare Episode, the CAG report on 2G and chronically increasing inflation as the areas where the government committed mistakes. He also expressed unhappiness over the shabby approach of the government on the issues of Sri Lankan Tamils. Meanwhile, BJP has reacted on the episode strongly.

Rajiv Pratap Rudi, while reminding that first it was Mamta Banerjee who ditched the PM and didn't go for Bangladesh trip, and now, it's Pawar and Balue, snapped that UPA constituents are now realizing that they're riding a sinking ship.

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