They wanted to kill Narendra Modi, Delhi Police arrests two Pakistani spies‎

Published: Wednesday, Dec 14,2011, 14:09 IST
Narendra Modi, Pakistani spiess, Soofia Kanwal, IBTL

Delhi police has arrested a Pakistani woman spy, Soofia Kanwal, along with her companion, Imran, both belonging to Karachi, Pakistan. They were pushed into India from ISI's points in Nepal. They had planned to murder Narendra Modi. Both these Jihadis were trained to trigger blasts and used to receive commands from Pakistan. Special cell of Delhi Police found their plan out.

These terrorists had planned to recce Akshardham Temple of Ahmadabad and Agra and Delhi cantonment areas. A Delhi Police officer revealed that their links with Lashkar, India Mujahideen and Jaish-e-Mohammad are being explored as it is suspected that they might be providing logistic support to these two. Both were well-versed in techniques used by different terror organisations.

Delhi police special cell also found out how Indian Mujahideen terrorists were keeping in touch. Indian Mujahideen's head Siddi Bappa alias Shahrukh had issued instructions to all module members to use different SIM cards for calling each other while himself carrying multiple connections. Special cell is reported to have recovered 30 SIM cards of diffrerent states and operators from Soofia and Imran. Of course, fake documents were reportedly used for procouring these SIMs. Police said the recovered SIM cards would help them track down their visits to different states.

The Special Cell has sent all arms, ammunition and explosives recovered from the terror factory at Meer Vihar for forensic tests. The explosives recovered included RDX and nitrate-based chemicals. It is also suspected that Shahrukh may have created more bases like Meer Vihar for hiding explosives. Special cell also found few bank accounts which were being used by these terrorists. These accounts are suspeced to be the source of transfers of money used for terror operations.

Meanwhile, Gujarat Police has been alerted about the threat to Modi's life.

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