The crusader against corruption Dr. Swamy will be joining the NDA soon

Published: Monday, Dec 19,2011, 21:13 IST
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Crusader against corruption Dr. Subramanian Swamy has told a TV channel that he would soon be joining NDA. Dr. Swamy said that discussions have taken place with BJP top brass about his formally joining the alliance. Dr. Swamy also clarified that it is an unconditional join and while there were personality conflicts earlier but they have been resolved.

From the BJP's side, they're also keen to have Dr. Swamy in NDA. Party President Nitin Gadkari is known  to have discussed the issue with L K Advani. Dr. Swamy is known to be closely associated with the RSS ideology and it goes in his favour. A final decision and a formal announcement of the same is expected soon.


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