Cow-based agriculture, health and environment, First ever national conference in Gujarat

Published: Sunday, Apr 08,2012, 18:29 IST
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National conference on ‘Cow-based Agriculture, Health & Enviornment’ was held recently at Anand, Gujarat. It was jointly organised by the Gau Seva Ayog Gujarat and Anand Agricultural University. It was for the first time that a scientific conference on cow was held in Gujarat and that too by Goverment initiatve.

After the appointment of Dr Vallabhbhai Kathiria as Chairman of the Gau Seva Ayog, the Ayog has started working in full swing for cow-based spirituo-socio-economic development of the State. It was very much echoed at the national conference.

The conference was aimed at establishing  the importance of cow for the human being, society, country and globe and planet as a whole. Shri Kathiria said the importance of cow as narrated in our ancient literature is true, scientifically tested and proven practically. Now it is high time to convince the young generation with scientific case studies. The conference is the place where all the scientists, doctors, agriclturalists, enviormentalists, social workers, intellectuals, writers have gathered to discuss, interact what they are doing in the field to establish the real importance of the cow.

In the two-day conference exclusive presentations, deliberations and discussions were held on cow-based agriculture, health and enviornmental issues.

The Conference was inaugurated by Shri Deelipbhai Sanghani, Minister for Agriculture and Animal Husbandry, Gujarat, in the presence of Goswami Shri Kishorchandra Maharaj of Vaishnav Panth Haveli, Junagarh and Balakdasji Maharaj of Dudhai, Shastri Shri KP Swami; Shastri Shri NC Swami from Swaminarayan Gurukuls, Dr Viditakumari, Dr Kushal Kumar Sudhvi, Swami Chinmayanand from Panjab and others.

The Goverment of Gujarat has imposed complete ban on cow slaughter and made the Act more stringent to prevent illegal slaughtering with severe punishment. Government has given priority for breeding of best quality Gir cow in budgetary allotment, Shri Deelipbhai Said.

Shri Sunil Mansinghka from Devalapar Gaushala Nagpur, who has devoted his whole life for this purpose, delivered  the key note address on ‘cow, the integral part of our life’.

Shri Shankarlal, Akhil Bharatiya Gau Sewa Pramukh, RSS appealed to the delegates to take oath for Gau sewa for the life time. He requested the audience to work on any one field discussed at the conference to preserve the heritage, culture and human race. He said if cow is saved, we will be saved. The real mother, the Gau Mata and the Mother Earth are three mothers who require to be protected by all of us.

Shri Rajshekhar Rajpurohit, Chairman of Gau Seva Ayog, Rajasthan, and Shri Premchand Singhania, Vice Chairman of Gau Seva Ayog, Chhattisgarh, Dr SK Mittal, co-convener of BJP Cow Development Cell, and other dignitaries also participated in the conference.

Shri Omprakash Dhankar, national president of BJP Kishan Morcha, Shri Rupalaji, national vice president of BJP and Shri Bhupendrasinh Chudasama, Vice Chairman of Planning Commission, Gujarat, also addressed the conference.

Dr Anna Saheb MK Patil, former Central Minister, emphasised on the importance of fuel generation from cow dung and its environmental impact.

During the conference, 100 Gau Bhaktas were felicitated with mementoes and certificates for their outstanding contribution in the field of Gau Sewa and related activities.

It was a cream gathering of about 1200 intellectuals working in the field of cow related activities all over the country at Anand Agricultural University Campus.

Dr Hardas from Hyderabad and Dr Nandini Bhojraje from Nagpur, Dr Jaikrishna from Chennai, Dr RS Chauhan from Nainital, Dr Hitesh Jani and Dr Karishna  from Jamnagar, Dr DK Sadana from Pune, Dr Nanoti from Nagpur, Dr Kharab, chairman AWBI, Dr Kelkar from Pune and Dr MG Patel addressed the delegates on various subjects.

Few resolutions were passed and an action plan was decided at the end of the conference:

1. Complete ban and no relaxation in export of beef from the country.

2. To promote breeding of pure Gir and Kankrej progenies in Gujarat and indigenous breeds in other states.

3. No cross-breeding between indigenous and Jersy cows.

4. Promotion of organic farming based on cow manure and cow urine and government support for the same.

5. Massive drive for gaucher development at village level on pasture and waste land.

6. Complete protection of gauchar land from encroachment.

7. Tax exemption for panchgavya products, relaxation in licencee procedures for manufacturers.

8. Promotion of panchgavya Chikitsa, inclusion of panchgavya syllabus in Ayurvedic Universities.

9. Coordination between all agricultural, veterinary colleges, universities and research centres along with fund allocation for research activities for indegenous cows and their progenies.

10. To award the best Gaushalas and panjrapoles every year to promot self-relient institutions.

11. To promote Gaushalas in educational institutions, campuses, temples, math and Ashrams, etc.

12. To establish Gaushalas and  panchgavya production centres in Jails wherever fisible.

13. To promote rural development concept based on cow and her progeny.

14. To establish training centres for organic farming, panchgavya products, Gau Palan  and rural industries.

15. To promote panchgavya products by self-help groups in villages and giving them proper training.

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