Sri Sri met 1000 delinquents enlisted in 16 Police Stations from Delhi

Published: Wednesday, Dec 05,2012, 16:12 IST
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New Delhi, December 4, 2012: The Art of Living launched a revolutionary initiative for a crime-free society called Project Utthan, in the presence of their founder, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

हिंदी में पढ़ें : श्री श्री मिले दिल्ली के 16 पुलिस स्टेशनों में नामदर्ज 1000
Project Utthan is a new initiative aimed at creating model districts, being piloted in East Delhi. The project objective is ‘Empowering Souls and Uplifting Society’, and includes several sub-components that lead to positive transformation. Program Disha is one such sub-component, which in collaboration with Delhi Police, specifically targets the root cause of crime.

sri sri aol utthan east delhi slums

Under Program Disha, 1000 frequent offenders, enlisted in 16 police stations of East Delhi, experienced the ‘Youth Leadership Training Programme’ (YLTP); 200 more are participating in an upcoming programme, and these numbers are expected to grow steadily in the coming days. The Program intends to uplift these individuals, and help them take responsibility for themselves, their society, state and the country.

Addressing the public on the successful completion of the first YLTP, Sri Sri gave the reformed delinquents the title of ‘Karnadhars’. He emphasised the need to help those in crime and give them a second chance to get back to the mainstream. He urged, “Expand your vision and see that inside every culprit there is a victim crying for help. If you heal the victim, you will eliminate crime from the planet.”

sri sri aol utthan east delhi slums

The ‘Karnadhars’ had gathered at the Yamuna Sports Complex to share their life-transforming experiences and interact with Sri Sri for further guidance on how they can contribute positively for community development in their respective areas.

Maheish Girri, International Director, The Art of Living and local dignitaries addressed the thousands who thronged Yamuna Sports Complex. Emphasizing on the objective of Program Disha, Maheish Girri said, “As the name suggests, this Program aims to give right direction. No spiritually awakened man or woman will sell his conscience and take a step in the wrong direction. Love, truth, non-violence and self awareness are the pillars of a crime-free society, and this is what we are striving to awaken, reinforce and strengthen through this programme.”

Program Disha is a singular instance of the remarkable synergy built between the Delhi Police (DCP East District) and a non-profit organization, The Art of Living, to address the concern of safety and security – the building blocks of a civilized society. Art of Living aims to bridge the gap between the disciplinary body and the masses through meaningful and relevant intervention.

sri sri aol utthan east delhi slums

To further spread awareness about Project Utthan at the grass root level, The Art of Living initiated the ‘Manavta Yatra’ on Oct 27, 2012, which is slated to travel to 220 slums and re-settlement areas of East Delhi in the coming year. Several workshops, trainings and initiatives are on the anvil that will ensure a steady momentum to Project Utthan.

The Art of Living Foundation is constantly endeavouring to develop innovative strategies to transform negative elements of our society into positive forces of change.

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