Early to rise ... (Importance of Brahmamuhurt)

Published: Thursday, Jun 14,2012, 12:39 IST
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In older times, it used to be impressed upon the minds of  children that ‘early to bed and early to rise is the key to a long and healthy life’. Today, the routine of most children is just the opposite. The Sages of yesteryears would begin their day at the Brāhmamuhūrt (auspicious period before sunrise, ideal for spiritual practice). Nowadays, the human lifestyle  works against the laws of Nature, that is why man  has fallen prey to various disorders of the digestive tract, throat, heart and other diseases.

Brāhmamuhūrt’ : As prescribed by the scriptures, it is ideal to wake up at the ‘Brāhmamuhūrt’. ‘A ‘prahar’ (Unit of time) preceding sunrise has two ‘muhūrts’. Of these, the first is called Brāhmamuhūrt. At this time, the human intellect and the energy for compiling a Holy text is good. Hence, the noun Brāhma is prefixed to this muhūrt.

What is so special about Brāhmamuhūrt?

1. Egoless souls with Divine character become active during this period.

2. This period is predominant with the Sattvikta i.e.purity. Sattva component is an enhancer of knowledge. The intellect  is pure and radiant during this period. Brāhmamuhūrt is the best period for performing tasks related to the pursuits of Dharma and Artha (Wealth), and for contemplating on Vēdic principles, and introspection.

3.  During this time frame, the process of imbibing virtues such as purity of the body and mind, ability to remain engrossed in one’s duties, ability to gain knowledge, donation, control over the senses, performing of austerities, truth, Shānti is easily achieved. In addition, compassion towards all creatures, absence of greed, shame in performing condemnable deeds, stability, radiance and purity becomes easier.

4. Mosquitoes, bedbugs, and fleas become weak.

5. Dominance of distressing energies is also reduced.

The Hindu tradition of Kardarshan (Looking at the palm): Recite the following shloka by cupping the palms and concentrating on them.

Karagre Vasate Lakshmi ! Kar Maddhye Saraswati !!
Karmule tu Govindah ! Prabhate kar Darshanam !!

Meaning: The fore portion (fingertips) of the palm is the abode of Srī Lakshmī, the central portion of the palm is the abode of Srī Saraswatī and the base of the palm is the abode of Srī Govind; hence, one should look at the palms immediately after waking up in the morning.

Implied meaning of the shloka

A. Importance of Srī Lakshmī : ‘Lakshmī is present on the fore portion of the palms, meaning, the external materialistic part resides in the form of Lakshmī. Hence, Lakshmī (not merely wealth, but the five Cosmic Principles of earth, water, air, fire, ether and food and clothing  etc.) is necessary in materialistic life.

B. Importance of Srī Saraswatī : While acquiring wealth or Lakshmī, if there is absence of knowledge and prudence, then Lakshmī proves to be alakshmī (Misfortune) and is responsible for destruction. Hence, the need for Saraswatī.

C. Everything is Govind (Srīvishṇu): Govind is the one who resides in the form of Saraswatī in the middle, and as Lakshmī at the fore portion of the palms.

Early to rise, Importance of Brahmamuhurt, Brahma muhurt, Brahma-muhurt, Kardarshan, Karagre Vasate Lakshmi, Kar Maddhye Saraswati, Karmule tu Govindah, Prabhate kar Darshanam, vande matru sankruti, ibtl culture

Cupping of the palms first thing in the morning creates a Brahmamudrā (Mudra means body-posture)  that activates the Sushumnā-nāḍī (Central channel of the spiritual energy system), which helps in removal of the Tama component generated in the body due to  sleep. ‘Recitation of above shloka, while concentrating on the cupped palms attracts Divine waves from the Universe.  These waves, which are God’s gifts, are intensified into the palms, and remain in the hollow created by the cupping of the palms. This creates a Brahmamudrā  that activates the Sushumnā-nāḍī, which is favourable for the spiritual progress of the jīva. If sleeping all night has caused accumulation of the Tama component in the body, then its removal is facilitated by activation of the Sushumnā-nāḍī.

Avoid sleeping during the day, as this time is favourable for spiritual practice: From  the two major time periods of day and night, more energy is expended in performing spiritual practice at night. Perform as much sadhana as is possible during the day and contemplate on it at night,  making a resolve to rectify the mistakes made during the day. Attempt to perform perfect spiritual practice the next day. This is what God expects from us. Hence, avoid sleeping during the day.

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