Scriptures are not weapons to establish one's superiority - Ashtavakra

Published: Wednesday, Sep 26,2012, 12:52 IST
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Purpose of Knowledge
Knowledge is power. Hence knowledge is meant for the benefit of the totality. If knowledge becomes a means to fatten one’s ego, and if knowledge is used as a sword of destruction, the very purpose of knowledge is lost. Beware for such wrongly wielded knowledge that destroys the very wielder.

हिंदी में पढ़ें : शास्त्र को शस्त्र अथवा हथियार ना बनाओ - अष्टावक्र
The purpose of knowledge is presented through the story of young Ashtavakra, and Bandi - the scholar in King Janaka's court. On repeated asking, when Ashtavakra hears from his mother Sujata that his father - Rishi Kaahod was once defeated by Bandi in Janaka's court, and had to give up his life to fulfil the condition laid down by Bandi, Ashtavakra resolves to educate Bandi and other scholars in Janaka's court on the purpose of knowledge.
When Bandi is defeated and when he rises to end his life, Ashtavakra forgives him, and declares that the scriptures are not weapons to establish one's superiority, but are to be used for welfare of humanity.

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