Arjun the warrior prince animated action film : UTV Motion Pictures

Published: Saturday, Jun 02,2012, 14:53 IST
  • Parth (scholar student, son of Prutha-other name of Kunti)
  • Jishnu (the Irrepressible, Unconquerable)
  • Kiriti (He who wears the Shining Diadem, which was gifted by Indra)
  • Shvethavahana (one of Shining Steeds: He whose chariot is drawn by white horses)
  • Bheebhatsu (the Fair Fighter: Terrifying to behold in battle)
  • Vijaya (the Victorious) also Jaya (Victory)
  • Phalguna (one born under the auspicious asterism
  • Savyasaachi (The ambidextrous one, capable of working a bow with either hand)
  • Dhananjaya (winner of Great Wealth)
  • Gandeevi (the owner of Gandeeva, his bow)
  • Kaunteya (Son of Kunti)
  • Mahabahu (He whose arms are mighty)

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