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|| All for Nation, not mine ||

Rashtradharma (Duty towards Nation)


With Yoga practice, it's imperative to make people aware about some important points about our duty towards nation (Rashtra-dharma) and Power of the nation (rastra-shakti) for 5-10 minutes, to help them understand what they can do for the nation. Make the following points understand briefly first, and subsequently in detail, to each villager and Indian.

  1. National power: - In India there are 89 types of Earthy treasures (minerals) - iron, coal, copper, gold, silver, diamond, Aluminum etc metals and gas and petrol are all present in reserves. An economic evaluation of these resources pegs at around Rupees 10 thousand lakh crore. Coal alone (only known reservoirs) is around 276.81 billion and is worth approximately 950 lac crore Rupees and 15.15 billion tons of iron deposits are known. Many other such precious things are hidden in the womb of Mother India. If we do not remove the dishonest and corrupt people who hold the power today, they'll rob us of all this enormous wealth. In addition to mineral resources, with water, forests, land, herbs and other national assets, our country is intellectually, financially, character-wise and spiritually too, the most powerful and prosperous country.
  2. Superpower India - Our country has the potential to be 50 times as powerful as Germany, Japan and France. The day corruption is eradicated, India will become an economic superpower in the world. We'll be in the position to run organizations like IMF, WHO, World Bank, UNO and WTO from India. We'll be the super power of the world, financially, politically and spiritually, and this will be a matter of utmost pride for us.
  3. Is the nation free - The country got independence on August 15th, 1947, this is what is taught in history books, and told by the politicians that we're fee, but look at the ground reality. Unfortunately, on August 14th, 1947, the then Prime Minister and the representative of the British government, Mountbaten entered into a shameful pact, which is known as the "Transfer of Power agreement". Under this agreement, even today, it's the foreign system that runs in our country. Neither we've got independence in terms of language, nor in terms of system. The way British government used to run India, similarly, our Indian government runs it. Macauley's English education system which excludes moral values and 'sanskaars' of our culture, an English (allopathic) medicare system at the expense of our Indian medicare, Ayurved, Yoga and naturopathy; British legal system which still includes 34735 laws which the British had formed to loot India. British economy, which doesn't focus on de-centralization of money, instead results in the exploitation of the villagers, the poor and India, at large. Thus, in the name of freedom, we're still living in British like slavery. All the revolutionaries and Mahatma Gandhi were of firm opinion that all these systems will need to be Indianized but that did not happen unfortunately. Now, in the place of this partial, good-for-nothing independence, we have to bring complete independence. Today, we can raise our voices against injustice and we can change the government. Today, when no country indulges in a foreign system and foreign language, carrying the baggage of foreign system and foreign language is a matter of great ignominy and humiliation for us.
  4. National security and Foreign policy - The way China has laid down a network of roads and railways from North East to Jammu-Kashmir, and is swiftly modernizing its army of 31 lac with modern warfare equipments and technology and the way China controlled media is spreading a word of dividing India into 20-30 parts, that's extremely worrisome. Hence, we have to take effective steps to swiftly modernize our armies and infrastructure and develop a resolve to employ mysterious diplomacy, far-sightedness and broadness. We have to bring India at a strong position globally. In addition to China, there is an urgent need to effectively preempt and prevent from executing the evil design of Pakistan and the infiltration from Bangladesh. We have to frame our commercial policy and foreign policy by keeping national interests at the very top. We have to ensure that liberalization, globalization and WTO policies, treaties and international laws do not tend to weaken our economy , instead, we have to increase our production and export and make our country powerful. Along with national security, internal security is also a grave concern for us due to Naxalism, Maoist movement and other forms of internal violence. We must have a clear stratagem for the final decisive solution of these problems.
  5. Foreign intervention - Foreign governments and foreign companies have a large clandestine role in the policy making of our country as well as in deciding critical posts like Prime Minister, Finance Minister, External Affairs Minister and Defense Minister go to whom. Foreign governments, agencies and companies often arrange for funding for media management and for the glorification of such concerned persons and parties. Many time, agents of these foreign governments and companies fund their elections through the funding received directly from them, and find a place in our assemblies and parliament. This is how foreign powers control our government indirectly. This is extremely dangerous for us as a nation. In addition to intervention in political sphere, foreign influence in social, religious, economic and cultural spheres, is a grave concern.
  6. Why humiliate the poor - We forget that the houses we live in, the temples we pray at, the hospitals we get treated at, the schools in which our children study, and the roads on which we drive, all this is the contribution of the poor, the labour class and skilled workmen of our country. Labourers, skilled workmen, and our farmers who feed 120 crore of us, are being humiliated by a section of powerful people and government. This insult of those who make the country and who feed the country, the labourers and the farmers, must stop immediately. Their hard work must be acknowledged and respected, and the powerful people should also treat them with respect. Those who make luxury items available are respected, but those who fulfil our basic necessities, the labourers and the farmers, are being insulted.
  7. What ill-fate - Patriotism is a sacred notion of pride, honour and respect in nations like China, Japan, US and France etc. but in India, the people who are patriots and work for the country, protest against the corrupted system and black money, they're treated as criminals. How shameful is that.
  8. Population - India has a population of 120 Crore, who do not get what they deserve. Every year, 2 crore 38 lac 39 thousand 945 new lives are added to our count; this is a concern. Plus, 3-4 crore of Bangladeshi infiltrators are illegally living in India and lacs of them enter every month posing tremendous peril to our national security.
  9. Social Justice - 64 years after independence, 3 crore 33 lac 5 thousand 845 cases are pending in our courts. According to Former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, J S Verma, it will take 350 years to settle all these cases at the current pace. How big an injustice it is in the name of justice. Moreover, even the honest judges are constrained to spell out a decision must confined within the wrong unjust laws framed by the British. The Bhopal Gas tragedy is a burning example of this. We have to re-construct our judicial system on the value of truth so that courts just don't hand out decisions, but they deliver justice. New courts, fast track courts and new judges would need to be put into place.
  10. Two biggest sources of financial loot of the country - If nation's funds go out, it weakens the nation. So the foreign companies who are robbing the nation of its money and the corrupt people, who're robbing the nation by corruption, constitute the two big drains to our money. We have to adopt Swadesi, and have to put a full-stop to this vicious cycle. Foreign trade and corruption are the biggest enemies of the nation. So many people become party to this national sin by using foreign items and this is costing the nation dearly.
  11. Development/destruction in 64 years - Of the budget the successive governments made for the development of the nation, they misappropriated 80-90% of that through corrupt practices. Barely 10-20% of the funds were invested in the development of the country. Additionally, illegal mining, bribery and tax theft have resulted in the nation being perennially robbed. This is utmost betrayal to the nation. When state and union governments take the credit for the development they brought, they must also take responsibility for the destruction the misappropriated 80-90% funds caused under their tenure. Fact is that the country has developed by the hard work of the people of India and whatever credit the governments take for development, that development has come from the money, Indian taxpayers have paid. Most governments have only looted us in the name of development and what ever little good is visible, is a result of the efforts put by honest, truthful citizens of the nation, of the labourers, of the farmers.
  12. Corrupt Conduct - Earning money without putting efforts for it, is corruption. Such people have been termed as "Dasyu" meaning "dacoits" and "Raakshas" meaning "monster" in Vedas ("AkarmahDasyuh"). Not reporting on job on time in private and government service, not fulfilling all work responsibilities, enjoying salary without completing the designated work, accepting dowry in marriages, and other social evils, they are all examples of corrupt conduct. While the state is responsible for economic and political corruption, the people are responsible for moral corruption. Character building of the nationals of India is the only solution for this moral degradation. To accomplish this, parents would have to inculcate good 'sanskaar' to their children from a very young age and the education system would need to include spiritual and moral values. That only will bring a positive change in the social structure. We're doing this work with full resolve.
  13. Corruption - Corruption is not a social evil but a purely political one. The people sitting at constitutional posts misuse their rights and powers to indulge in corruption themselves or force others to indulge in it. The common man of this country earns his livelihood by working and believes in living an honest life.
  14. Permanent solution of corruption – Strict lawsii. Truth, high moral values and love for villages, poor and nation in the lives of the people. People who’re truthful and honest can never be corrupt themselves. This world is running on truth, even then if someone indulges in corrupt conduct, there should be strictest possible punishment for him/her.
  15. Love for the nation
    1. The way we love ourselves, our bodies, our homes, our property, money and we do not let it be destroyed or robbed of, similarly, we must be in love with our nation’s treasures, water, ground, forests, herbs, and soldiers and must not let it be destroyed or robbed of.
    2. The way we ensure we catch hold of thieves in the event of their breaking out into our houses, even if for stealing sum as low as Rs 400 or 4 Lac, and we leave no stone unturned to bring our possessions back, because that is our hard earned money, similarly, the hard earned money of 120 Crore people of India which they paid as tax, and more such money robbed from other sources, amounting to round about 400 trillion Rupees, is to be brought back by us only because this country and its possessions belong to us!
    3. If a child in our homes sleeps hungry, remains uneducated, or lives his life in penury and insult, then as parents, our eyes become wet and we can’t sleep comfortably, similarly we should be sensitive towards the hunger, illiteracy and insult of 840 million (84 crore) people of our country. They are our people and until we ensure they get their right to live with dignity, till then we should not sit comfortably.
  16. Why don't leaders and legislatures make strict laws – The mothers, wives and daughters of a minister, or any other political leader sitting on top of the political hierarchy, don’t have to face rape and nor do they have to deal with adulterated food items. Even the corruption doesn’t affect them. The women of the rest of India live under the threat of assault and almost all 120 Crore people of the country get adulterated food items causing them become ill and occasionally die. Corruption results in looting the country and it fills up the houses of the corrupt politicians. They have no love or respect for the country. That’s why they don’t bring a strict legislation like life imprisonment or capital punishment for rape or food adulteration. They don’t bring a bill to recover the money lost due to corruption either because that would result in the corruption-earned money locked in their lockers to come out and the country reaping its benefits.
  17. Undivided India – With corruption and black money coming to an end, Indian economy will grow to become around 20 quadrillion Rupees (20000 trillion). With India becoming a global economic superpower, the nations which had separated from us, they’ll be remerged into us. From Afghanistan to Myanmar, and from KailashMansarovar to Kanyakumari, India will be one and undivided. The rise of a powerful, spiritual Bhaarat will result in the rise of a new world.
  18. The principle of service – Entire universe is working on the principle of action/effort. The sun, moon, earth, trees, herbs, they’re all there to serve others. They don’t take anything in return. We should learn the principle of selfless service, and hard work from them. Look, how they’re free from selfishness, tendency to react or any arrogance.
  19. Service to the nation – To make the nation good and powerful and to live in self-discipline for the sake of offering service to the nation, and work with confidence and courage believing in our actions as our dharma, to contribute towards the prosperity of the nation, is the biggest service, an individual can offer to the motherland. The day every farmer, every soldier, every teacher, student, doctor, engineer, sages, monks, yogis, mothers, sisters, and daughters will start fulfilling their duties with honesty and commitment, our nation will become great in true sense. Japan, US, and China etc. countries have grown to become developed by treading the same road of honest and committed work.
  20. Nation building – Some people contribute to the nation by building houses and complexes, some by building roads or motor vehicles, and some by contributing to industry. We wholeheartedly praise them all who are contributing to nation building by some way or the other. If some people, in a similar way, contribute an hour or two a day, or a full life time towards building individuals, building villages or building the nation, then there cannot be a bigger fortune than that. That would truly make their lives cherishable.
  21. Yog-service – The rick and the poor, the society, the nation and the world, to serve them all in the best and the most comprehensive way is through Yog (yoga). People and society suffer from numerous ills, ill-thoughts, pains and evils. Yog is the solution to them all. Now onwards, we’ll be running Yog campaign only instead of running separate issue-based campaigns. This will not only result in a society free from disease, addictions, violence, ignorance and other evils, but also yog will make us all united against corruption, corrupt political system and black money and make this selfless movement successful, meaningful and decisive. Yog is the best, most meaningful, result oriented, universal, scientific, eternal and truthful means for self-progress, national progress, self-building, village-building and nation-building along with self-liberation and liberation of the world. In the past, Yagna, swadhyaay (self-quest for knowledge), shastraarth (intellectual, spiritual debate), monasteries, temples, stories and shakhas (chapters) became a medium of individual building, nation building and era-building, and are all still as relevant, but in accordance with time and circumstance, service through yog has become the best form of service.
  22. Yog-sanyas or sewa-sanyas (Renunciation through yog or through service) – In the ancient times, our ancestor rishi-munis had, under an excellent social system, constructed 16 sanskaars and 4 ashrams. Due to social, spiritual, financial and political degradation of India, this system has been weakened. Now, at least through yogsanskar and yogic renunciation, we can restore our ancient spiritual affluence. All the senior citizens and those who’re capable, should become sanyasi from within, while still being engaged in worldly affairs. Some of them may make a partial or full commitment towards yog-renunciation or service-renunciation, to take a pledge to devote the rest of their lives towards this noblest act. Soon the registrations for yog-sanyas and sewa-sanyas will begin under the auspices of revered Swami jimaharaj.
  23. Time for individual and political purification – Everyone gets an opportunity to shed one’s personal ills daily and always. So, let’s all pledge that this moment onwards we’ll acknowledge our faults and will bring improvements within ourselves. We’ll purify our lives with determination, yog, pranayama and meditation. The opportunity to remove the political flaws of the nation and give a fresh birth to Indian politics comes only ones every five years i.e. at the time of elections. So, we should ensure that we vote for clean people and remove the flaws of Indian politics and the ills of it like corruption, black money and corrupt political system which have made the entire country hell and change it all to make our country a heaven. The cleansing or re-birth of Indian politics constitutes just 1% of our goals which we will achieve by voting selflessly to clean candidates on the festival of elections and by inspiring others to vote. The rest 99% of our goals remains character building and nation building through routine sadhana and service.
  24. The goal of Bharat Swabhiman – To free the nation from disease, addiction and the conspiracy of foreign companies’ robbery and make an ultra-powerful, prosperous Bharat free from corruption, black money and corrupt system and establish the nation as a spiritual nation, is the ultimate goal of Bharat Swabhiman.
  25. Main principles and ideals of Bharat Swabhiman
    1. To have ourselves free from characteristic, economic and criminal faults
    2. To remain free from the faults of speech and behaviour
    3. Not to get disturbed from insult, ignorance, and opposition and proceed undeterred on the path of duty
    4. To become an ideal worker – muktsangahnahamvaadidhrityutsaahsamanvitah| siddhyasiddhyornirvikarahkartasaatvikuchchyate || (Geeta 18/26) – Free from greed and arrogance, and equipped with patience and vigour, and not worry for the results, free from the desire of fruit, carry on fulfilling the yogdharm and rashtra-dharm (duty towards the nation).
    5. Keeping the Guru at the centre, serve the movement with devotion, maintaining the discipline and dignity of the organization
  26. The power of our organization – From individual building to village building and nation building and for the removal of corruption and black money etc. and to bring about a change in the system and governance, we have a strong organization spread in every state, district, tehseel and lakhs of villages of our country and by the end of 2011, all villages of the nation will have full presence of Bharat Swabhiman.
  27. Success – Right direction and complete effort are the sources of success. Spiritual, social, economic and political changes can be brought about by 5 fundamental sources:
    1. Widespread, disciplined and strong organization
    2. Continuous selfless service
    3. Complete sanctity
    4. Financial capability
    5. Widespreadpopularity and trust
    Our organization has these five powers and we have to enhance them further and have to attain 100% success.
  28. What will the country get from Bharat Swabhiman–
    1. Every year, 10 lakh crore Rupees of the nation are spent for diseases, an equal amount is spent on alcohol, tobacco and other addictions, and almost 5 lakh crore Rupees are gone to foreign companies. Through yog and Bharat Swabhiman, we’re saving our nation from this loot of Rs 25 lakh crore annually and will keep doing so.
    2. The 400 lakh crore Rupees which have been robbed off us, we’ll bring that money back and we’ll put such a system in place so that the loot of 10000 lakh crore natural property of our nation can be prevented from getting looted. We’ll put a lid on the 5 main sources of corruption which are giving birth to thousands of crores of scams. We’ll replace the foreign system and will indianize the system and will spiritualize it all.
    3. The economic prosperity of India will be so much that our currency will equal 50 US Dollars, in contrast to the present state of around Rs 50 for a US Dollar.
    4. Rich and poor, all will get free value based education and there won’t be unemployment in the country.
    5. The way Indians today work in foreign countries to earn foreign currencies like Dollars and Pounds, especially those working abroad in Petrol pumps, restaurant, airport etc, similarly, in the next 10 to 25 years, people from Britain, America and European countries will work at India to earn Indian currency and Indians will be the boss of those foreign employees.
  29. Vote – Often the question comes into our minds if the people who come in the gatherings of Bharat Swabhiman movement or those who are ideologically associated to us, will they vote for honest and clean candidates at the time of elections, at our call. The answer is yes, because when revered Swami ji asks the people “Will you vote on the call of Bharat Swabhiman?” , they reply “We’ll not only vote, but also make other people vote, will also donate money for the organizational work and if it calls for sacrificing our lives, we’ll not back out.” Actually, this is in total contrast to the political rallies, where people come for money. Converting that crowd into vote is a big concern there. On the contrary, in our gatherings, people comes from inner inspiration. The 100 crore people who’re ideologically attached to us are now all set to eradicate corruption, black money and corrupt system. People are only waiting for the next general elections.
  30. Our future development plans -
    1. To make a nationwide policy for water resource management to prevent the country from floods and draughts and harvest the crops worth 50 lakh crore from the 50 crore acre land of our country. This will make the farmers and labourers prosperous.
    2. To draft the development plans for every district the way plans for nation’s development are made. Bring a balance among industrial, service and agriculture development from villages to cities. After independence, due to wrong economic policies of successive governments, whatever non-uniformities have been created, they will be removed and development should be de-centralized with full honesty and bring about balanced development.
    3. To promote the usage of herbs and herbal medicines, healthy and nutritious food and cosmetics by the development of Ayurved and promote the share of India gradually and take it up to 50% in the global trade of over 2 lakh crore rupees.
    4. To use the population of India in increasing the production and development. Unproductive and directionless effort should be abandoned. All citizens of India should be educated. If we use the complete man power of the nation, we can achieve prosperity worth 100 to 200 lakh crore rupees. Non-productive labour is a glaring example of the short sightedness and foolishness of our present day rulers.
    5. Unfortunately, our country lacks the world class research institutions, universities and infrastructure for development. We’ll raise this infrastructure and will take the country to the pinnacle in all fields ranging from various fields of science and technology, education, health, space science, geology etc. the way India led the world in ancient times and the way we gave the world the first language, culture, civilization, education, health, justice, agriculture and economy.
  31. Why such a hurry – When the country will be healed through yog and spirituality, everything will fall in place, then why such a hurry? This is a very common question. First, those corrupt and dishonest people don’t do yog, nor do they believe in the Supreme God, nor are they spiritual. So, Bharat Swabhiman is necessary to bring them to the right path. Also, the 400 lakh crore rupees looted from our country are to be brought back. Moreover, there is a danger of our resources worth rupees 10000 lakh crore to be looted. As per the Tax Justice Network, the corrupt people of the world deposit around 1.6 Trillion dollars i.e. 72 lakh crore rupees of cross border black money. India contributes around 20 lakh crore to this loot. That is to say, every month, 1.5 lakh crore rupees of India (5000 crore daily) are looted. These people, staying in power for a single day, is a peril to the nation.
  32. Why political intervention – We want to see the nation as good. We want to have good roads in India like in Japan, US and England. We want to have free uniform education with the ingredients of sanskar and high spiritual values and ideals. We want to have good health services, effective laws which can bring criminals to justice and ensure security to citizens. It is the constitution that runs the country because governments come and go. The laws such as Land Acquisition and killing of cows should be abandoned. Corruption, rape and adulteration should be punishable by death sentence. There should be a law banning cow slaughter. There should be agriculture based on animals, and free from poisonous chemicals so that farmers and all countrymen be healthy and prosperous and there be spirituality and honesty everywhere in the country. But we forget that the supreme power rests with the elected government in a democracy. If the government so wishes, it can bring all these changes in no time. The entire system of the nation, all the armed forces, and more than half the land and land resources is under the government. The forests, water resources, herbs, soldiers’ present and future, everything is in the hands of the government. So, it is critical for the government to be honest and noble. If the mother land is in the wrong hands, then these people will loot her, sell her off and that’s mostly what’s happening. So, we have to exert pressure on our democratically elected government to fulfil its constitutional duties and we have the immense power to replace the government every 5 years and bring good people to power through the power of vote, if they don’t dispense their duties and maintain a good system.

    If we don't save the nation then we'll be as guilty as them. This political intervention is our national duty, our constitutional duty. This is not a crime, but a noble and just deed. Cleansing of politics is not something despicable or ignorable or ignoble but it is the utmost duty towards nation. This is service to the nation, this is the love for the nation, this is rashtra-dharm, duty towards the nation.
  33. Who are our opponents – Those who are against the villages, against the poor and against the nation, are our opponents too, due to their selfish interests and they’ll so remain. There are 4 reasons behind any opposition – selfish interest, ignorance, preoccupation and arrogance. Those who’re opposing us due to ignorance, preoccupation or arrogance, we’ll reconcile with them politely and will make them our supporters, but the corrupt and selfish people will always remain our opponents.
  34. Oppose sins and injustice – To protest against sin and injustice knowledgably and in a dignified manner for the good of the nation is not wrong, rather it’s just, it’s noble and it’s punya. Our ancestors have always opposed sin and injustice and Vedas also proclaim, ‘Ma vas ten eeshatah’ (Yajurved: 1.1) meaning may corrupt and thieves not rule upon us. Thus, opposing sin is not a crime, on the contrary, those who do not oppose it, are sinners and criminals.
  35. Change – Like two-three thousand years ago, there was a change with the advent of the Vaidik Dharma and the onset of some new religions, around 100 years ago, there was a change across the globe transforming the world from monarchy to democracy. Similarly, now, a major social, spiritual, economic and political change is imminent in this country. If we and other truthful organizations do not bring about this change, even then, this will happen. Change is as fundamental and unchangeable a law of nature as the arrival of youth after childhood. If we all unite to give a right direction it this change, then this will be auspicious and well-meaning for the nation.
  36. What is truth, or right and wrong –The statements of politicians or businessmen issued in the media do not constitute truth, rather it’s the fact, arguments and evidence, that determines truth and separates it from fallacy.
  37. Originally, we're all villagers – Our ancestors have been born in villages only. Urban culture is very nascent. Our elderly and rishi-muni used to live in forests and villages. So, this is our duty that we make collective systematic efforts by constituting village bodies to raise the living standards of the farmers and labourers dwelling in villages, the birthplace of our ancestors. This will bring prosperity in the villages and will bring smiles on the faces of the poor and the farmers and will make the souls of our ancestors rest in peace.
  38. Who are we with - We are with the country, with truth and with justice and those who are the well-wishers of villages, poor and the country, have always been with us, and will remain so. Those who are committed to cleanse themselves first and then rise to free the nation from corruption, corrupt system and for bringing black money back, are also with us. We’ll put on stake the tap and the trust of crores of Indians for the nation, not for the corrupt.
  39. Who are we – We all are the children of God, spiritually, from the clan point of view, we’re the progeny of the rishis, and we’re the children of Bharat Ma. This nation is our first father, this mother earth is our first mother. Mata bhoomihputrohamprithvyaah (Atharvved 12.1.12) So it’s our duty that we all bring the kingdom of God on this earth. We’re the progenies of Rishis. We have to make Bharat rishi bhoomi – the land of the sagacious. We have to make our nation the most powerful nation of the world and thus do our duty towards the motherland.
  40. Atmaswaroop or nature – Ahimsa, truth, asteya, good moral conduct, love, feelings, service, goodwill, bliss, peace, knowledge, valour, courage, patience, smoothness, working spirit – these constitute our nature, dharma or form. Nature is what we live 24 hours. We want to live in love and truth for 24 hours or strive to do so, this is our nature. But, if lust, anger or arrogance appear in our heart, even if for seconds, hurt us. Thus, ignorance and five pains founded in it e.g. lust, anger, greed, infatuation and arrogance, are the chimera of senses and they don’t constitute our true nature.
  41. Individual strength – God has blessed us all with the knowledge and potential to be the best. The potential that the great icons of the world since ancient times were blessed with, is also within us all. So, we have to excel in every field of life and have to make our nation excel too. India does have the potential to be the first nation of the world.
  42. The power of thought – The life is like a field and thoughts are like seeds. As the thoughts we seed in, so will be our life, conduct and character. Whatever we are – noble or wicked, cruel or kind, vegetarian or non-vegetarian, happy or sad, successful or failure, at peace or troubled, theist or atheist, honest or dishonest, good or bad, we’re so because of our thoughts as they cause our actions. So, good and high thoughts are the foundations of a great life.
  43. Life management – Daily one hour of yog, 8-16 hours of work, 6 hours of sleep and spending 2 hours with family, this is the principle of life management.
  44. Establishing ideals – Ideal life, ideal family, ideal society, ideal nation, ideal state system is our goal. We always feel proud in following the path of elevated ideals and our role models too are those who’re led a life of high ideals and we want to establish high ideals in our lives too.
  45. Principle of Energy – From a cell to a body and every single atom to this entire universe works on the principle of energy. Yog, Pranayam, meditation, yagna, having herbs, this all results in synthesizing positive energy in our body and all faults of the body and mind and sense, diseases, addictions, all ill thoughts, ignorance, pain etc. are destroyed and an ordinary human being elevates to the heights of great souls. The way we can talk using Mobile phone once its battery is fully charged in 30 minutes, similarly, we can recharge our body, mind and soul through yog, pranayama and meditation daily.
  46. SatyamevJayate (Truth alone triumphs) – When one makes a major decision in one’s life, then mostly he or she is working in accordance with the voice of the divine inspiration that comes from the conscience and everyone’s soul prevents one from doing any wrong and inspires one to delve on the path of truth. So, the nation will rise with us because we are on the path of truth and justice.
  47. Paintings – Paintings inspire us towards an elevated character. So, we should have the portraits of those icons in our houses which have established high ideals in social, national or spiritual lives.
  48. Karma – Whatever we sow, so do we reap, and we get in return it multiple times. Whatever we sow in the land, we get multiple times in return. The same principle applies in service and donation.
  49. Paap - Punya – Whatever your inner soul warns us against doing, is sin, e.g. violence, lies, bad conduct etc. What pleases our soul and gives it bliss, peace and satisfaction, is punya, e.g. yog, meditation and service, donation etc.
  50. Government employees and officers – We heartily call upon all government employees and officers for the good of nation, that you’re not slaves of any political party. Please don’t cooperate in any conspiracy or corruption with the corrupt politicians; instead, work for eradicating corruption and to cooperate to bring back the black money and thus fulfil your constitutional and national duty.
  51. Brain drain – We don't have to go and settle at America, Britain, Canada etc. after getting educated, instead, we have to work for our nation and make it better than those countries. We have to prepare a model infrastructure for comprehensive development, world class universities and research institutions in our countries. We have to eradicate corruption and bring our money back and make ourselves and our nation more powerful than the most powerful nation of the world today.
  52. Reservation – By ending corruption and having our black money back, we’ll have so much of finance that we’ll be able to make lakhs of schools and colleges and thousands of universities and every district, every village will be able to reap the harvest of development. We’ll be able to not only educate our population and provide employment to it, but also employ people from foreign nations. Thus, with the end of corruption, social justice and economic justice will become a reality for all and it will end the economic disparity. The original intention of providing reservation was to raise the level of those who were financially and socially backwards. This was reasonable from both an ideological as well as a practical point of view. But the kind of cheap politics is being played in the name of reservation today, is extremely worrisome. So, all of us Indians will have to rise against corruption and black money. That’ll ensure justice to all caste and creed.
  53. Philosophy of development – We believe in the decentralization of services, system, finances, industry and rights. This is the model philosophy of comprehensive and uniform development. We don’t want to offer our poor and villages as sacrifice on the altar of capitalism, globalisation and liberalisation.
  54. Basic amenities – Food, clothing, housing, education, health, security, electricity, water and roads, these 9 basic amenities must be available to all citizens of the country without any discrimination and ensuring the same is the moral and constitutional obligation of the government.
  55. Power of youth – India has around 50 crore unemployed youth, partially or completely. If we can put this youth to increase the production in various sectors, we can make production of over 100 lakh crore annually. China’s exports figures are Rupees 70 lakh crore per annum while ours are only 7 lakh crore per annum.
  56. Electoral reforms
    1. There is an urgent need for electoral reforms to prevent the criminalization of politics and prevent the use of force, money power and black money in elections. So, there should be a system of state funding for elections and there should not be false promises and rallies in the name of elections, instead, there should be a provision of publicity for all candidates at one place only. The political parties can avail a reasonable share of the expense.
    2. Prime Minister should not be responsible and answerable towards a party, family or person but should be directly answerable to the nation. So, Prime Minister should be elected directly by the electorate.
    3. There should a law enacting mandatory voting in the country. More than 30 countries across the world have such law. There should be a provision to penalize the non-voting citizens by depriving him/her partially from the service she/he is entitled to as a citizen.
  57. Shame and humiliation for the democracy and governments
    1. Every hour, two women are raped, and 3 are murdered for dowry in the country (as per the records of National Crime Bureau; these figures correspond to only reported cases)
    2. Famers suicides daily
    3. Over 84 crore people spend their lives at 20 rupees or less daily, and are deprived of the most basic amenities (As per Prof ArjunSenGupt and the Economic Surveys of the Government of India)
    4. Every day, 20000 people starve to death in our country, the annual figure is between 60 and 70 lakh.
    5. Almost 50 per cent of the population is illiterate and 90% are inadequately educated
    6. We're the most backwards due to corruption, filth, rape, illiteracy, unemployment and poverty
    7. While the number of rich people is growing continuously so much so that out of 10 rich people in the world, 4 belong to India, due to wrong economic policies, while our country’s stolen money is driving the economy of half the world’s nations, and over a 100 countries are enjoying out of the money robbed of our country’s poor, and our poor people are starving to death due to abject poverty. The poor are further getting poorer and are compelled to live life like cattle and the rich are getting richer.
  58. "Arise, Awake and don't stop till the goal is achieved" (Kathopnishad – 3.14) All patriot citizens should utilize the first two hours of morning, not in sleeping but in yoga. Sleeping won’t get us and our country anything, but yogsadhana and yog service will get us everything. So, awake yourself and wake others up! Save yourself, and save the nation!
  59. SukhasyaMulamDharmahDharmasyaharthamArthasyamulamRajyamRajyasyaMulamindriyayijay - As per Chanakya, Money is important for happiness and money is controlled by state, the control of state and state power comes through a control over senses and that, in turn, comes from, yog and spirituality. So, the foundation for a model state is also yog and spirituality.
  60. Affluence from Tap – Entire cosmos is run by tap and sacrifice. Those who want something, they can do something, but cannot do everything. Those who do not want anything, can do everything. The volunteers of Bharat Swabhiman movement are committed to the cause of service to the nation, nation building with complete selflessness considering it as their sacred duty. So, we’ll do everything for the nation and we’ll succeed. With these eternal words from the Vedas, we conclude ourselves. “Akarmadasyuh” i.e. inactive, lazy person is akin to a robber in this world, and “Ma vas ten eeshatmaavanshasah” (Yajurved 1/1) i.e. thieves and robbers and their sympathizers or supporters may not rule us.
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