#AAP ... How to Brainwash a Nation? by a former KGB agent and an expert on ideological subversion

Jan 04, 2014 :
The youth in AAP are not "Retards" as they appear to be and thus called ? #‎AAPTards?. These innocent youngsters have been systematicaly metamorphised from being "volunteers", to "followers" to now "worshipers" who have been brainwashed to stop thinking correctly, and asking questions.
This is EXACTLY how Marxist / Communists brainwashing operates. AAP core leaders have successfully identified and used the already demoralized youth of India for their objective. 
Communists have a "propoganda" department which ensures that the masses are kept quiet & brainwashed at all times & used when required. As of now, "thinkers & questioners" are quickly labled as the enemy of the country.. when (if) they come to absolute power, they will jail the dissenters too !!
Hear it from the expert !! -  Sanjay Sisodia

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