Puppies Reveal Themselves

Published: Monday, Jul 22,2013, 15:49 IST
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One friend of mine said to me last week, "Narendra Modi just need to speak once in a week, his rivals will ensure that he is in the news for that week or more. It only helps him politically." If you observe how media works these days, you will also agree to this comment by my friend, immaterial what your political leanings are.  Media’s obsession about Modi is more than BJP’s, and they know the very name adds to their TRP.

I have often wondered why Modi never clarifies his remarks. Media twists his remarks and poorly contextualize it deliberately to suit their own agendas-interests, but never have I seen Modi coming out and saying "I never meant this by saying this" etc. Once he speaks, the words are on air, and it stays for a long while and his fans and rivals debate with each other, which only helps him to stay in limelight. Last week Narendra Modi’s “puppy” and “Hindu nationalist” remarks became controversial, everyone including ministers of central government to trolls of congress party in twitter started ranting about it, but he never apologised, rather contributed to the controversy. One thing which I have learnt for life from Modi is not to overtly defend oneself, let others do it for you.

The Journalist who interviewed Modi herself tweeted that Modi’s remarks were poorly contextualised, (later she deleted her tweet for mysterious reasons), but does that stop other journalists who have made carrier out of Hate Modi campaign? No ! Within an hour Modi’s interview with Reuters was made a news, self claimed protectors of Minorities (muslims), Samajwadi Party member, cried aloud that Modi compared Puppies to Muslims. All other including media only amplified his self puppi-fying remark. Where has Modi compared Muslims to puppies? He only used an analogy, whether it was good or bad, is for scholars of English language to decide.

Hindu nationalist remark was also quite poorly contextualised. He was asked who real Modi-Hindu nationalist or development mascot is. He said there is nothing wrong in being both, in other ways; he has no problem in people seeing as Hindu nationalist. The controversy around this seemed to suggest that being a Hindu Nationalist is a terribly wrong thing. Swami Vivekananda and Mahatma Gandhi often stressed on their Hindu-ness, but who cares about them these days, secular politicians only need minority votes. Gandhi said

I am a Hindu because it is Hinduism which makes the world worth living. I am a Hindu hence I Love not only human beings, but all living beings.” He also said he is  a proud staunch Sanatani Hindu. Swami Vivekananada, now which secular politicos are trying hard to hijack also said “Mark me, then and then alone you are a Hindu when the very name sends through you a galvanic shock of strength. Then and then alone you are a Hindu when every man who bears the name, from any country, speaking our language or any other language, becomes at once the nearest and the dearest to you. Then and then alone you are a Hindu when the distress of anyone bearing that name comes to your heart and makes you feel as if your own son were in distress… You may see thousands of defects in your countrymen, but mark their Hindu blood.”

There is nothing wrong in being a Hindu nationalist or an Indian nationalist.

Another controversy where Modi’s name was dragged (ofcourse for TRPs) was when Hyderabad BJP decided to raise funds for Uttarakhand relief by charging(voluntary) 5 Rs from people coming to listen Modi’s speech in the city later next month. Congress and media, got outraged and started to rant and mock this, only to know later that Mahatma Gandhi too used to charge 5 Rs each from people who asked for his autograph. Manish Tewari must be feeling terribly satisfied to know that Gandhi’s market value was same as that of Modi. Another news which skipped national attention, was that UPA government decided to spend about 630 Crores for advertisements and other PR works. Modi or BJP should not ask people to contribute 5 Rs each for affected people of Uttarakhand, but UPA will use taxpayers money to promote dynasty scions and their politics.

Latest outrage in Media is fortunately not about Modi, but about Rajnath Singh for his alleged Anti English remarks. Manish Tewari called those remarks medieval, again to realise that, Mahatma Gandhi also had the same views about English education system. Like Rajnath Singh said recently, Mahatma also used to say “English-knowing Indians have not hesitated to cheat and strike terror into the people... By receiving English education, we have enslaved the nation. Hypocrisy, tyranny, etc., have increased“.

To conclude with, I am using another quote by Swami Vivekananda

“Have faith that you are all, my brave lads, born to do great things! Let not the barks of puppies frighten you -- no, not even the thunderbolts of heaven -- but stand up and work!” Swami Vivekananda might not have compared anyone with puppies, but I do, with all those who hate Modi for sake of hating. After all, Puppies can only bark, let them do it.

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