India's Wishlist for Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Published: Tuesday, May 27,2014, 23:59 IST
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16th May 2014 and 26th May 2014 would be to our generation, what 15th August 1947 and 26th January 1950 has been to our freedom fighters of yore, many of who made extraordinary sacrifices to ensure that our country was free from the clutches of British. It would not be unfair to term 16th May as ‘Liberation Day’ and 26th May as ‘Belief Day’, for these are the dates when we got liberated from a corrupt, communal government which displayed tyranny by way of its dangerous laws and Bills and on 26th, we got a sense of belief that this Indian Democratic system is good enough for the uninterrupted progress of our nation. Like then, there is a man from Gujarat who has led the charge.

There have been many who have written much about Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India (both in his favour and against). It was perhaps the 1st time that millions of people campaigned on ground and on Social Media to make a person their Prime Minister. Normally we see a person campaigning hard to become the PM of the people. This time it was the people who 1st chose their PM and then gave him a decisive victory. As an individual and as citizens, our job is over and it is over to the Prime Minister to fulfil the wishes of the people and then experience something similar in 2019. A broad range of wishes from India to its PM!

WREG – Water Road Electricity Gas

67 years since independence and still there is a large section of India which is yet to get these basic facilities. Narendra Modi may have provided 24*7 electricity to his home state and 99% road connectivity to the rural areas there and the feat may have been achieved by his companion CMs of MP and Chhattisgarh, but many states still remain backward, primarily due to the incompetent regional leadership. In such a scenario, it gets more important to address these issues. Some may argue that these are State subjects and not Union or Concurrent subjects, however inter-state and state-Centre coordination is required. Moreover with some states experiencing worst of the power crisis, it becomes all the more important. The main thing, PM has to do here is to

  • Establish a robust distribution grid for Electricity, Power and Gas, which would help surplus states to transfer resources to deficit states
  • Take charge of road connectivity and lay down a provision of transferring the responsibility from State to Centre, wherever the State govt. has failed
  • For the 1st few years focus on the states of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand and Maharashtra as these are the non BJP ruled states which played key role in making NaMo the PM and would do so again in 2019 if the promises are met

Economy, Ecology and Eradication of Inflation

One of the most important Poll promises which Mr. Modi made was to control inflation and create millions of more jobs for the Youth. Some of the things that can be adopted to boost the Economy are listed below. There are 2 types of inflations, Demand side and Supply side. The Supply side can be taken care of, by improvement in distribution system while Demand side inflation can be reduced by creating more alternatives which would also lead to Job creation.

  • Create a transparent distribution system of essential agri-food items from the farm fields to the shops. This would eliminate the role of middlemen, increase the pay to farmers and decrease the burden on end consumers. For example, at times, 1 kg of Onion costs Rs 60 to end users while farmers get just Rs 5 for it. The middlemen’s job needs to be minimized
  • Control on Hoarders, Black marketers and those who distribute from subsidized Ration shops
  • Export of Food items should also be controlled and revised based on domestic requirements
  • For non Agri food items and other items, Demand side issues need to be addresses. For example, for Petrol, alternative fuel sources need to be utilized
  • We are a country with abundant sunlight and sea waves. These are forms of energy, which can be used in place of petrol. Encouraging these small scale industries will have multi fold benefits
    • Increase in Job opportunities and hence a better economy
    • Reduction in Air Pollution due to use of Efficient Fuel
    • Less dependence on Petroleum Exporting countries
    • Reduction in inflation of Petroleum items and Transport & Manufacturing industry
      which depend on Petrol/Diesel for supply of raw materials 
  • Increase in FDI limit for sectors other than ‘Retail’. Our country badly needs investment, since we do not have sufficient funds.
  • It would do less harm and more benefits to us if David Cameroon of England wishes to build a world class highway from Mumbai to Bengaluru or Shinzo Abe of Japan wants to build a Super Fast Bullet train infrastructure from Ahmedabad to Delhi. FDI in Infrastructure sector is the need of the hour

More Growth and Less Distribution

A country is as developed as the poorest and most underprivileged citizen. We need development to reflect at the poorest of poor level, so how logical is it to spend taxpayers’ money on luxurious activities when 30% of the population is going Hungry? It is not, but what needs to be done, is to alleviate poverty, using productive means and not non productive means

  • Schemes like MNREGA need radical changes, if not a repeal. Rural population is being distributed money in lieu of digging holes. Why shouldn’t these people be deployed in productive Infra projects like building roads and highways and paid for that
  • Similarly Food Security Bill covers 2/3rds of the population and costs the exchequer a fortune. Instead, only the mightily needy should be covered and instead of Food Security, they must be provided Nutrition Security so as to provide them sufficient nutrition
  • Infrastructure is necessary, as it creates temporary jobs and keeps the Real Estate prices in check. If people have means to travel long, they would prefer to do a daily transport than migrate. This is where Super Fast Bullet Trains come into picture
  • Agri Based industry also needs to be promoted to stop migration of Rural to Urban centres
  • Sanitation, Healthcare and Hygiene when it reaches Rural areas, automatically opens up door for new employment opportunities in Rural areas.

Agriculture and Manufacturing Industry

Other than Infra sector, Agriculture and Manufacturing sectors are the 2 important areas
where there can be drastic improvement in employment.

  • Revival of PSUs which depend on manufacturing.
  • Opening state controlled manufacturing units, closer to the areas where Raw Materials are extracted
  • Specific Skill development Centres, improved versions of ITI and IAI are much needed for enhancing the knowledge of youth in Agriculture and Manufacturing

Internal Security and Defence

India is a relatively stable country but not free from Communal riots, Terrorism and other hostile activities sponsored by neighbouring nations. Hence these areas need adequate attention

  • Giving a more free hand to intelligence agencies RAW and IB, also form strike teams in hostile neighbouring nations so as to retaliate at an appropriate scale whenever necessary
  • Forming and executing stringent laws to counter terrorism
  • Crush the voices which sympathise terrorism and Maoism by evolving an ecology which has a competent intelligentsia to counter the Commie propaganda
  • Increase the defence budget adequately so that the armed forces are well equipped with modernized weapons and capabilities. Also their retirement and insurance policies are well taken care off to send them a Hero’s good bye
  • Short Term solutions include, dependence on friendly nations like France and Russia
  • Establish good relations with Japan, Russia, Israel, Australia, South Africa, Germany, France, Iran, Syria, Indonesia and other small countries to boost Economic engagement, Defence Dealings and address Energy requirements.

Secular Rashtra with equality for all

Secularism is the essence of India’s constitution. Therefore following things need to be done to ensure that the Secular spirit of India remains so.

  • Equal Laws for everyone irrespective of religion, giving equal opportunity for every citizen of India
  • Enforcing Uniform Civil Law, which is a Gandhian principle as of now in our constitution. This does not mean implementing existing laws rather forming a new code, taking best of all worlds
  • Repeal Article 370 from Jammu & Kashmir and Nagaland which distinguishes between 2 regions in the same country and is abused beyond means
  • Abolish Minority Commission, Women’s commission and SC/ST Commission because these bodies have done little to uplift the sections they were made for.
  • Bring drastic changes in laws which harass men as well as women and which were possibly enforced due to pressure from Vatican to force religion based conversions
  • For example, Dowry Law, Domestic violence Bill and the newly proposed Divorce Laws have been and will be abused for worse. Most of the victims of Dowry and Domestic Violence do not report the crimes, whereas most of the crimes which are reported are false accusations aimed at harassing men and their families. So the women who are real victims are not given justice while the men who are not criminals are tortured beyond measures. Such draconian laws need to be changed at once so that guilty is punished and victim is given justice
  • Repeal of fascist laws such as Section 66 A, which are against the tenets of Fundamental Rights of Freedom of Speech and Expression

Protection of Indian Culture

India is a diverse country and it is important to conserve its rich culture. In this regard, certain things need to be done to protect the culture of our country

  • Strict Laws against those missionaries and other agencies who adopt deceptive means to indulge in conversion of Tribal and Dalit Communities. This is a infringement on Basic Fundamental Right which awards provision to safeguard the culture and language of these weaker sections of society.
  • Establish India as a safe haven for Hindus (only from Pakistan and Bangladesh) because these people were kicked out by Indian govt. in 1947, without being given a choice to stay in India and they went through the most torturous forms of human rights violation based on religions.
  • Spread awareness about Indian culture and Traditions by giving ample weightage to these topics in School and College History books.
  • Develop of a string of Intellectuals to counter the propaganda and hate spread by Communists with reference to Indian culture, traditions and values.
  • Clear differentiation between protecting a culture and infringing one’s individual liberty. Article 377 is one such example which should be removed to provide individual liberty and stop harassment in the name of culture.
  • Strict action against Red Fundamentalism which has claimed lakhs of lives in West Bengal, Kerala and Tripura along with provisions to dismiss the respective State governments and imposition of President’s rule if they fail to provide security to citizens of the States.

There are various other areas where the Prime Minister needs to focus like Foreign Policy, boosting Tourism and Technology Sector, however fulfilling just the above set of expectations would ensure that Mr. Narendra Modi would go down as the most successful and most loved Political Leader in the History of this country.

Hoping for a good tenure and that the Prime Minister and his team delivers the promise of bringing back the “Good Days” for Indians.

Author : Suyash Bharadwaj | Follow the writer

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