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Published: Tuesday, May 28,2013, 13:44 IST
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During my stay in Nepal, I got a chance to travel across length and breadth of this majestic Himalayan Kingdom and marvel at its bountiful natural beauty. Undoubtedly Nepal is known for its mystique in west. It’s also known as traveller’s or trekker’s destination, the dramatic and imposing peaks of Himalayas challenges and beacons most. Life here has timeless enduring quality adding to the mystique.
As the Volunteer For A Prosperous Nepal (VFPN) program is gaining momentum in different parts of Nepal, we embarked upon short writings and tweeting about this beautiful country to inspire more and more Nepali Youth to come forward and contribute to their society and Nation which is facing a challenging times. Presenting below is a short gist;
I am proud because……
Siddhartha Gautama, who was later revered as the Buddha, was born in Kapilvastu that’s in my country. Today Buddhism is considered as a major religion in more than 11 countries and there are more than 35 crore followers of Buddhism around the world;
Eight out of the ten highest mountains of the world lie in my country including Mt.Everest- the highest point on the Earth. My country has more than thousand mountain peaks that are 5,500 meters above the sea level. For comparison, the highest point in Europe is Mont Blanc- is only 4,810 meters above sea level;
Apa Sherpa, a fellow Nepali, has climbed Mount Everest a world record 21 times. Many of the world records around climbing mountains-an extreme sport are held by Nepalese;
My country occupies the central part of the Himalayas that provides fresh water to 1.3 billion people on Earth. Fresh water is a very scarce resource-only 0.007% of all water on Earth is available for human use. Abundance of water makes my country a very resourceful Nation;
With Kanchan Kala (70 meters) in Eastern Nepal not very far from Mt.Everest (8,848 meters), my country holds the largest altitudinal variation and possibly the steepest landscape of the world. With high climatic variability, my country has subtropical climate in the south that boasts of lush green forests with a healthy Tiger and Rhino population, while in the north, an alpine climate with the mysterious Snow Leopard and Red Pandas thriving in it;
My country is very rich in bio-diversity. My country occupies less than 1% of the land-mass of the globe, yet it hosts some 4% of all mammal, 4 o of all butterflies and 9%of all birds species of the world. Some 20% of the land-mass of my country is protected for nature conservation under law compared to some 13% in the entire world;
My country is one of the cleanest countries of the world, and has the least role in global Climate Change, We emit only 0.025% global greenhouse gases-the primary reason for Global Warming despite having a big population Some 40% of my country’s land mass is forests. Most of the lighting needs of my country are met by Hydro-Power, by far the cleanest energy source;
The capital of my country- Kathmandu has the densest concentration of World Heritage Sites. It has 7 world heritage cultural sites within a radius of 15 kilometers;
My country is not a small country. lt is big from global standard, my country is bigger than 157 countries of the World including countries like Denmark, South Korea, Belgium’ Austria, and Switzerland. My country’s population is higher than 197 countries of the world;
My country sits in the middle of China and lndia that are the two fastest growing economies and two of the biggest markets of the world. My country is the land link between: these economic giants,
My country Nepal is a rare country that has never been colonized by any of the world powers. My country has always remained an independent nation.   
to be continued…

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