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  • Baloch Freedom
  • Punjab Govt started military operation against Baloch IDPs, 2 killed & 6 abducted: BRP

    Thursday, Jul 19,2012, 11:17 IST .

    RAJANPUR : Government of Punjab has started its military aggression against innocent Bugti Baloch IDPs in bordering areas of Balochistan and Punjab. Forces raided the population of Bugti Baloch IDPs in Giyandari area of Balochistan adjacent to the Rajanpur area of Punjab. In this military action, two innocent Bugti tribesmen namely Mawali Bugti S/O Qaisar Bugti and Ghanra Bugti S/O Kharghi Bu..

  • A woman and a child killed by occupying forces in Dera Bugti

    Wednesday, May 16,2012, 12:48 IST .

    In a recent statement released via e-mail Waja Sher Mohammad Bugti rubbished the claims of pakistani forces and officials about the recovery of Baloch Missing persons and halt to military operations in Balochistan. Following is the complete statement

    The arbitrary abductions and extra-judicial killings of innocent Baloch people continue unabated in Balochistan and on one hand P..

  • Discovery of mass graves in Balochistan is a question mark for the civilized world - BRP

    Tuesday, Apr 10,2012, 19:56 IST .

    The Central Spokesman of Baloch Republican Party Mir Sher Mohammad Bugti has said the discovery of mass graves in Dera Bugti is a big question mark for the world particularly for the Islamic countries. Occupying forces of pakistan have extended the range of military operations in Balochistan to many areas of Sindh.

    Condolences references and ‘Quran Khuwani’ were org..

  • Independence is the only solution for Balochistan, says BRP leader Nawab Bugti

    Wednesday, Mar 28,2012, 12:01 IST .

    Pro-independence Baloch leader and founder & chief of Baloch Republican Party (BRP) Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti in his latest statement published in newspaper has said the only solution of Balochistan problem is complete independence of Balochistan from the occupation of Pakistan.

    He said Baloch youth are struggling and sacrificing their lives for freedom of their Motherland not..

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