65th Republic Day Parade - 26th January 2014

Jan 26, 2014 :

On the occasion of our nation's 65th Republic Day, Doordarshan has been telecasting the Republic Day Parade LIVE since the early sixties when cameras and equipment had to be taken out of the existing studio for this event! Today, for the second consecutive time DD will be LIVE-STREAMING the Republic Day Parade. Indians from all over the world will be watching...along with viewers from the freezing climate of Leh to the remotest corners of Kanyakumari.

Thank you Friends of Doordashan. The Social Media team of Doordashan live-streaming this event - Ananya Banerjee (Media Consultant), Vikas Panicker (Senior Content Manager), Arjun Kumar (Content Manager), Ranjan Kumar Singh (Creative Editor), Ashok Maitreya (Associate), T.C Bagauli (Technical Director), Jaswinder Singh (Engineer), Prashant Maheshwari (Engineer).

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