• Dr. Swamy's Op-Ed, Harvard University, Islam’s history of anti-Black racism, Prof. Phyllis Chesler, IBTL

    Op-Ed: Shame on You, Harvard University : Dismissal of Dr. Swamy

    Harvard has come to the aid of Islamic fundamentalists in their quest to dominate India and South Central Asia by their dismissal of Indian Prof. S. Swamy for writing of Muslim persecution in India. For shame!

    First they came for the pa..

  • Aakash tablet, Aakash tablet Price, IBTL

    Aakash tablet

    Order your Aakash tablet now, and pre-book your Ubislate7 (the upgraded version of Aakash) today! Aakash tablet can be ordered now (cash on delivery) and the delivery will be done in a week’s time.

    The much awaited India’s u..

  • Wikileaks, Julian Assange, Bradley Manning, Nobel Peace Prize, Arab Spring, IBTL

    WikiLeaks founder and colleague nominated for Nobel peace prize

    Wikileaks founder Julian Assange  and his colleague Bradley Manning have both been nominated for this year’s Nobel Peace Prize. Assange & Manning both are under detention.
    A wikileaks discussion forum website stated that, &lsq..

  • Anna Hazare, ego problems, right feedback, Lokpal, Janlokpal, anna, kejriwal, kiran bedi, bhushan, manish

    Some of my team members have ego problems: Anna Hazare

    The New York Times, a US newspaper has said that Anna Hazare felt that some of his team members had "ego problems" and he was not getting the "right feedback" on the negotiations during his August agitation for a strong Lokpal.

    Hazare has r..

  • American Consul, General Paul Folmsbee, Baba Kalyani, Bharat Forge

    Modi asked to be notified if any official asked for a bribe : a Special Report

    While Gujarat Congress leaders continue to say in every forum that the Narendra Modi government is corrupt, the reality could be different.

    One of the latest leaked cables available on Wikileaks is interesting in this regard.

    In 2009..

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