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  • Rahul Gupta
  • An open letter to Anna Hazare and Arvind Kejriwal

    Wednesday, Oct 03,2012, 00:15 IST .

    It is sad to see one of the most promising partnerships Indian public life has witnessed in a long time falling apart. We are at a historical juncture and it is only apt that we take lessons from what happened in history.

    It is a curse for India that great visionaries have often parted ways, either due to personal differences, pressure of aides and what not. Even during the fre..

  • Narendra Modi overtakes Rahul Gandhi in online searches

    Friday, Sep 14,2012, 00:35 IST .

    A recent analysis on Google trends shows that online search volumes for Narendra Modi have surpassed Rahul Gandhi. This shift occurred somewhere during March this year. The analysis convincing shows the growing interest behind Narendra Modi and the declining interest in Rahul Gandhi. When compared historically, search volumes for Rahul Gandhi have surpassed Modi’s current search volumes..

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