Is RSS a greater threat to Secularism than Islam...

Published: Wednesday, Jan 23,2013, 00:45 IST
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A few days ago, at Chintan Shivir, The home minister of our country made a statement that BJP and RSS are running Terror camps across the country and also he used the term Hindu Terror and later he corrected it to Saffron terror. Congress party members were quick to laud him for his remarks and Hafiz Saeed, JuD leader and well known Global terrorist also thanked Allah for making Shinde speak the Truth. These remarks lead to three straight questions to Shinde, the Home minister.

1. Why did Home minister of this country use the term Hindu or Saffron to the word Terrorism?

2. What is Terrorism according to the Home Minister RSS and BJP is promoting ?

3. Why is there no action taken against RSS if Home minister has proof against the organisations which are well spread in social as well as political space?

It will be futile attempt to make Home minister or anyone from Congress party answer to these questions. This forces me to bring you a picture about RSS and Islamic organisations globally? Digvijay Singh famously said Terrorism is rooted in ideology.  This inspires me to write about Sangh and Islamic views on secularism, how they differ ?

Sangh and Secularism

The primary book on which the Sangh is based is Bunch of Thoughts, written by second sarsanghchalak of RSS. On secularism it says “if, 'secularism' is to mean, as it ought to, not anti-religion but scope and opportunity for every religious persuasion to grow, and restraining of one religion from pouncing upon another, then that is undoubtedly in tune with the spirit of Hindu Rashtra. Then, the apt word for such a state would be 'multireligious' and not 'secular'. “. It is important to note that this book was published before the word “Secular” appeared in our constitution. RSS definition of secularism is in two parts, it is that

1) Opportunity for every religious persuasion to grow

 RSS believes that state (nation) should make opportunities for every religious persuasion to grow. Religious persuasion means philosophical ideas, or paths to truth. It can be monotheism, polytheism, pluralism, nature worship, Yoga and meditation, Bhakthi etc. Almost all religions have these fundamental concepts of philosophy mixed in various proportions. So it means RSS was not against any religion, rather it wanted state to help and make opportunities for every religions.

2) Restraining of one religion from pouncing upon another

This is the most important part secularists of today across political party miss. In a truely secular country, one religion must not be allowed to pounce on another. But what does the modern day secularists do ? Our PM , a few years ago, said that Muslims have the first right to national resources. Here the state itself creates divisions among society and help one religion to pounce on another. Dangerous thing is the majority community is being victimised.

Another important point to make here is about our flawed “Majority-Minority” concept.  To divide a population in terms of the number of religious communities with in Indian territories is a dangerous concept. All these religions do exist outside India as well, all these religions accept foreign funding as well. The holy places of certain religious communities exist outside India. For all these reasons, it is my humble request to all of you, that we must not define majority minority nation wise. The minorities (Christians, Muslims) inside India are majority globally, and majority (Hindus) in India is a minority globally. Christian churches in India are controlled by Vatican, and similar is the case of Islam.  Many sects inside Hinduism also have global appeal.

In terms of numbers, Hindus are lesser, than Muslims and Christians Globally. Then there is a high chance that these majority will take advantage of being majority and pounce on Hindus. It is safe to say that Hindus are highly vulnerable religious community because Islam and Christianity believe in “Converting” people either by hook or crook.

To conclude about Sangh Ideology ,

1. Sangh is not ideologically opposed to any religion as far as they are not trying to gain superiority.

2. Sangh is committed to secularism, and it has made its stand clear even before the word “secular” was inserted into constitution of India.

Islam and Secularism

It is matter of new dispute that every single Islamic organisation take inspiration from a single book which Muslims world over consider holy, I.e. Koran. What is in Koran? As far as I have read the book, through pro Islamic sites and books, what I could understand is that Islam divides people into two, one is believer and the other is non believer. Allah is a master of believers and enemy to the non believer. A believer is one who accepts Allah as one god and reject all others. He is the one who does not do Idol worship of any forms. He is the one who respect and Honour Muhammad as a prophet. He is also the one who does not disbelieve in anything the Koran says. So every Hindu, Jew , Christian is a non believer. Every non believer is condemned to Hell.  Allah curses the non believers and their nation and cast terror on them.  If you ask any Muslim, he will reply that Islam is the only true religion and all others are false. If he doesn’t do that, he is not a Muslim according to Quran. There are some verses in Quran which advocate violence against non believers, but for obvious reasons I am not going into those.

Any child can understand that the above belief is pure extremism. According to Digvijay Singh Extremism, narrow mindedness is the root of terrorism. This is the reason for growing Global Islamic terrorism.

Islam does not believe in secularism, it rejects and curse to hell, irreligion and other religions in the same breath. It is not only monotheism, which in itself is not an extremism, monotheism coupled with obsessive hatred against other systems of faith. This makes Islam different from other monotheistic cults in the world and this is exactly why there are more terrorists in this particular cult masquandering as religion.

Swami Vivekananda, in his speeches and writings said “In this line the Mohammedans were the best off; every step forward was made with the word the Koran in the one hand and the sword in the other” Take the Koran, or you must die; there is no alternative”.  Now, the Muslims are the crudest in this respect, and the most sectarian. Their watch-word is: there is one God (Allah), and Mohammed is His Prophet. Everything beyond that not only is bad, but must be destroyed forthwith, at a moment’s notice, everyman or woman who does not exactly believe in that must be killed; everything that does not belong to this worship must be immediately broken; every book that teaches anything else must be burnt. From the Pacific to the Atlantic, for five hundred years blood ran all over the world. That is Mohammedanism (Islam)!”

I learn that Congress government in some states are also celebrating 150th anniversary of Swami Vivekananda, and they have outsourced its management unofficially to organs of Sangh Parivar too. Hope they read what Swami Vivekananda have accused Islam and Christianity of, before they try I again to defame India and Hindus by associating terrorism with the most tolerant people of the world.

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