The Pain & Agony of Kashmiri Pandits : 14 Sep Martyrs Day

Sep 14, 2012 :

300,000 Pandits living in India were "internally displaced people" from J&K as reported by the US government ,It has also reported a terrorist threat to the Pandits still living in the Kashmir region. The socio-political situation in Kashmir continues to be volatile, with the displaced Kashmiri Pandits beginning to lose their cultural identity. The US Department of State reports that, according to the Indian National Human Rights Commission, the Kashmiri Pandit population in Jammu and Kashmir dropped from 55 percent in 1941 to 0.1 percent as of 2001. In 2009 Oregon Legislative Assembly passed a resolution to recognize 14 September 2007, as Martyrs Day to acknowledge ethnic cleansing and campaigns of terror inflicted on non-Muslim minorities of Jammu and Kashmir by terrorists seeking to establish an Islamic state.

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