What type of Media you're doing Rajdeep Sardesai : Nitin Gadkari

Oct 08, 2012 :

BJP President Nitin Gadkari said he will quit politics if there is any proof of his business links with Ajay Sancheti in the irrigation scam. He said he had asked the Centre to release funds for the Gosikhurd project to help the farmers and not for the benefit of any contractor close to him.

Terming himself a ‘social entrepreneur’, he said it was to his credit that the Mumbai-Pune highway which originally received a lowest tender of Rs 3600 crore was constructed with a mere Rs 1650 crore saving at least Rs 1000 crore to the exchequer.

Gadkari also said that Ajay Sancheti did not get a single contract during his tenure as the Public Works Department (PWD) minister of Maharashtra. "If you have got any evidence about my relations with Ajay Sancheti, business relations or with Sharad Pawar... I am going to challenge Congress party and Digvijaya Singh... let's prove it, I am ready... I will leave the politics."

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