Vineet narain, the Crusader for the freedom for electronic media at Patanjali Yogpeeth

Nov 08, 2012 :

Vineet Narain has been a man of crusades against corruption and injustice all throughout his career. He got several Union Cabinet Ministers, Leader of Opposition, Chief Ministers, Governors and senior bureaucrats charge sheeted in the Jain Hawala Case. This happened for the first time in the history of India. A short presentation on this crusade can be seen at the following link

Despite their reluctance, he forced CBI, the Taxation and FERA depts. to take action against these influential people. In July 1997, Mr. Narain compelled the Chief Justice of India to reveal what was happening behind the scene to subvert the Hawala case.

Despite sufficient evidences, when the Hawala accused politicians started getting discharged, he exposed this conspiracy in his shockingly revealing book titled, ‘Hawala ke Deshdrohi’ & ‘Dangerous Silence’.

Once again in Feb 2000 during the ‘Big Fight’ show on Star TV when Mr. Narain forced the CVC, Mr. N.Vittal to re-open the Hawala investigations, entire political class created nation wide hue and cry against this move. If there are no evidences in Hawala case then why are they so scared of investigations ?

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