A shift to a 4th Dimensional Consciousness, When Is Ascension 2012?

Dec 11, 2012 :

SHIV YOG – The Science Beyond Science > Shiv Yog, as Babaji explains is the process of uniting with the Infinite Consciousness. Shiv is the Infinity, as also the Infinite Consciousness. The Yog in Shiv Yog is the process of awakening the infinite potential of a human being through invocation with reverence and absorption of the divine energy.

Every part and organ of the human body is in a state of vibration. The objective of Shiv Yog is to increase the pace of vibration to align it to the vibrational level of SHOONYA. Any organ or system of the body that does not vibrate at the requisite pace tends to attract a disease. While the disturbance in the pattern of vibration could be caused by a multitude of factors – karmic or otherwise, the end result of the disturbance is the disease.

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