#ArmyDay The Indian Army and its Artillery

Jan 15, 2013 :

The Regiment of Artillery is an operational arm (a regiment/corps) of the Indian Army. Today it is the second largest arm of the Indian Army, and with its guns, mortars, rocket launchers, unarmed aerial vehicles, surveillance systems and missiles, artillery fire-power, constitutes almost one-sixth of its total strength.

--------- Artillery of India ------------

Mortars * 120 mm E1 light mortar

Anti-aircraft guns * All Weather Air Defence Gun System (AWADGS) * 40mm Bofors L/70 anti-aircraft gun (upgraded variant) * 40mm Bofors L/60 anti-aircraft gun (upgraded variant) * 23mm ZSU-23-2 anti-aircraft gun

Field artillery * 105mm Indian Field Gun * 105mm Light Field Gun * 122mm D-30 Howitzer * 130mm M-46 Field Gun * 155mm E1 Metamorphosis gun 45 Caliber Howitzer * 155mm Haubits FH77/B Howitzer

Self-propelled artillery * 105mm FV433 Abbot self-propelled gun * 130mm M-46 Catapult self-propelled gun

Rocket artillery * 122mm BM-21 Grad Multiple Barrel Rocket Launcher * 214mm Pinaka Multi Barrel Rocket Launcher * 300mm BM-30 Smerch Multiple Barrel Rocket Launcher

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