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  • India Growth : The untold story caste as social capital

    Professor R Vaidyanathan | Friday, Oct 19,2012, 16:35 IST .

    1. Introduction: Indian economy has been growing at a compounded average growth rate [CAGR] of more than 8.5 percent in the last five years. [1].The largest segment of the economy namely the service sector accounting for nearly 65 percent is also the fastest growing sector. We find that the share of non-corporate sector namely partnership /proprietorship firms in the service ..

  • Navaratri - Celebrating Change

    Bharath Gyan | Wednesday, Oct 17,2012, 19:07 IST .

    India is a vast land with an ancient culture. It has a range of colourful festivals. Navaratri is one among these festivals. This festival is not celebrated for a day, but for nine nights as the term Navaratri suggests.

    While the period and date of festival is common across the land, it is celebrated in different ways across the land, but i..

  • Would OMG have dared call the sacred stone in Kaaba 'Ek Kaala Pathar'

    Anand Mathur | Wednesday, Oct 17,2012, 14:06 IST .

    A great piece of art needs a great mind and a great heart behind it. While it needs to provoke to gain attention, the work itself needs to have a universal appeal to bring greatness to itself! Sadly, the movie 'OMG - Oh My God' fails abysmally on these accounts.

    It lacks the philosophical depth or the technicality of The Matrix or Inception (the..

  • Food wastage in India is not 40 per cent...

    Devinder Sharma | Monday, Oct 15,2012, 18:54 IST .

    Sometimes, when I am finished with my meal at a marriage ceremony and go out to throw my patal (made from leaves) in the dustbin, I watch with great regret and concern when a team of urchins would descend to look for leftovers. After these children are done away with, I find the dogs moving in. At the same time I can spot a number of crows waiting for their turn.

  • Gujarat High Court gives UPA a lesson or two in 'education secularism'

    Kartikeya Tanna | Friday, Oct 12,2012, 17:13 IST .

    Pursuant to Sachar Committee’s report on the social, economic and educational status of Muslims in India, the Prime Minister had launched a 15-point Programme for the Welfare of Minorities under which a scheme for awarding pre-metric educational scholarships to children belonging to five specific minorities was initiated.

    The purpose of this Scheme was to “encourage..

  • Varsha Will Live On

    Sandeep Web | Tuesday, Oct 09,2012, 11:54 IST .

    An obituary is the mightiest writer’s block. And so this shan’t be an obituary. One writes obituaries to dead people. Varsha Bhosle will live forever. Her bodily death is, in the highest tradition of Sanatana Dharm..

  • Bharath Gyan - The Endeavour

    Bharath Gyan | Monday, Oct 08,2012, 16:27 IST .

    The Hari couple are conceptualizers and founders of Bharath Gyan, a research initiative, engaged in collating the knowledge of India and its pan global ties through the ages, from a scientific, rational and integrated perspective.
    In times when the gap between traditional knowledge of India and the manner in which knowledge is assimilated by the present generation, seems ..

  • The Law that Protects Robert Vadra

    Anand Mathur | Sunday, Oct 07,2012, 01:01 IST .

    The law that gives Robert Vadra, an ordinary yet highly controversial citizen, unfettered powers to cross Indian borders and security points unchecked, is the draconian SPECIAL PROTECTION GROUP ACT 1988.

    In its brief history of Independence, free India wrote one of the most shameful acts of Parliament when it gave its approval to the SPG Act.

    While certai..

  • The Danger of Robert Vadra

    Anand Mathur | Tuesday, Oct 02,2012, 00:11 IST .

    Robert Vadra’s meteoric rise is a significant story in the collection of the most shameful stories of independent India. A nonentity, he has risen to the topmost heights of power and wealth by virtue of blatant nepotism.

    His marriage into the most famous family in India would not have irked anyone had he not exploited this alliance in such a shameless manner and instead h..

  • Why I prefer Hindu Meditation Techniques over Buddhist Techniques

    Anand Mathur | Tuesday, Sep 25,2012, 12:41 IST .

    Imagine early 9th Century AD, a young Shankara debating with intellectual stalwarts of major streams of philosophy - Charvaks (Buddhists), Mimamsa-vadis and Jains. These stalwarts “guard” the symbolic doors of knowledge at the Sarva-Jnana-Pitha (Centre of all Knowledge) - A temple in ancient Kashmir (Now known as Sharada Math, in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir).

  • Libya, and the Chinese yuan, give new edge to Putin’s Pakistan visit

    Sandhya Jain | Wednesday, Sep 19,2012, 00:54 IST .

    The murder of the US envoy and three other diplomatic staff members in Libya on the night of Sept 11 following telecast on YouTube of a film maligning the Prophet, which inflamed sentiments of Muslims worldwide, has given an entirely new dimension to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s pre-scheduled visit to Pakistan early next month. As Washington dithers between containing the fallout ..

  • Thorium holds key to India's energy security

    Sandhya Jain | Thursday, Sep 13,2012, 14:37 IST .

    As diwan of Travancore, Sir C.P. Ramaswami Iyer struggled desperately with the departing colonial rulers to prevent the kingdom’s riches, including its thorium deposits, from falling into the hands of the Congress Party whose leadership he did not trust. Thorium’s importance has been known since the early twentieth century when a German chemist scouted it for the gas mantles indus..

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