An untold story of Terrorism, Hawala and Corruption Crusader Vineet Narain

Nov 08, 2012 :

This is an untold story of a lone crusader Vineet Narain who single handedly faught against the system and exposed the nexus between corrupt politicians bureaucrats militants and vested interests in India. The details about the journalist can be found on

The Jain-Hawala-Militancy Scam Crusade (1993-1997) : The Jain-Hawala-Militancy scam hovered around the fact that the Hawala channels through which terrorist outfits in Kashmir like Hijbul-Mujahideen used to get funds, the same channels used to grease the palms of over 115 top bureaucrats and politicians of the country. CBI, RAW and every other investigative agencies of the country tried to suppress the entire case when Vineet Narain courageously exposed the entire case through his famous video magazine Kalchakra.

Hawala : The biggest scam in the history of independent India : Hawala is the biggest ever scandal in the world which involved over 115 top politicians and bureaucrats of the country. Never before so many top politicians been caught in a single scandal. Hawala Scam was bigger than even Watergate, Iran-gate, Bofors, Harshad Mehta and Lockheed scams.

Unprecedented ramifications of Hawala Crusade on Indian Polity : Vineet Narain’s tireless Hawala crusade and Supreme Court’s intervention have given unprecedented jolt to Indian politics. In the post Hawala period three general elections have been held in four years and 5 times Prime Ministers have taken oath. Instead of one party, two dozen political parties have been forced to run the government.

Historic Success : As a result of the untiring crusade in the Hawala case several cabinet ministers, chief ministers, governors and bureaucrats were charge-sheeted for the first time in Indian history. How the entire case got hushed up even by the highest court of the land is yet another story.

Crusade against corruption in the highest Judiciary of the country... Exposure of the sitting Chief Justice of India : Vineet Narain investigated and published the first ever report on the corruption of a sitting Chief Justice of India in Feb 2000.

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