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  • Who are the (H)indus? - II

    Francois Gautier | Wednesday, May 15,2013, 20:13 IST .

    Karma is another very important tenet of Hinduism which has been perverted in modern times, not only because of its fashionable misuse in the West, but also in India itself where, because of influences during three centuries by missionaries and secular thought, it is often mixed-up in varying degrees with the Christian concept of sin and virtue. Hindus (and Buddhists) have al..

  • UPA: Stooping to succumb

    Sandhya Jain | Friday, May 10,2013, 23:39 IST .


    A Defence Minister who cannot read a hospital register recording the date of birth of his Chief of Army Staff can hardly be expected to read a map and discern Chinese inroads to the extent of an admitted 19-kms (some say 30-kms). So it was no surprise that Mr. AK Anthony remained near-invisible after Beijing’s latest land grab became public, though protection of our bo..
  • Narendra Modi Rocks Bangalore

    Sandeep Web | Monday, Apr 29,2013, 00:25 IST .

    He came, he saw, he spoke, and he wowed. He’d already conquered Bangalore years ago. In his 28 April election speech on the eve of the Karnataka Assembly polls 2013, Narendra Modi simply notched up yet another triumph in a long series of triumphs that began with his third consecutive, definitive victory in the Gujarat Assembly polls. Nobody expected a..

  • Doctors victimised in Uttar Pradesh

    Dr. Rita Pal | Monday, Apr 22,2013, 12:34 IST .

    There is a protest in Patel Park, Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh [UP], India on the 22nd April 2013. It is on the eve of the Supreme Court Hearing in the NEET case [ Case No , Court 1].

    The story  behind  the protest describes the tough six month battle for justice. The brave young doctors in the area have been attempting to challenge the government's ..

  • The Porn Supremacy

    Dr. Rita Pal | Wednesday, Apr 17,2013, 12:04 IST .

    90,000 doctors eagerly awaited the outcome of the NEET case today [16/4/2013]. This is the “Minority Card” case where a large number of colleges are seeking exemption from the national medical exam. Foreplay in India's judicial bed is taking..

  • 90,000 Doctors Calling: WAKE UP Mr Health Minister

    Dr. Rita Pal | Monday, Apr 15,2013, 08:54 IST .

    Medical education in India has been plagued with a labyrinth of entrenched deep rooted corruption. Caught in the middle are the innocent unassuming public and the fragile careers of good doctors. Politicians appear to turn a blind eye while there are advertisements citing “medical seats for sale” appear for all to see. Recently, IBTL featured the

  • The 30 Billion Dollar Medical Seats Scam

    Dr. Rita Pal | Friday, Apr 12,2013, 21:50 IST .

    Fury gripped the grass-roots medical fraternity today as they vented their anger on Twitter's hashtag #SaveNeetPG in relation to the “Cash for Medical Seats” scandal. On the 3rd April 2013, the CNN-IBN admirable sting operation caught the foll..

  • Rani ki Jhansi, Rahul ki jhanki

    Sandhya Jain | Friday, Apr 12,2013, 20:16 IST .

    The irrepressible Subramanian Swamy tweeted at Rahul Gandhi’s first major attempt at public speaking: “First he confused a piling of cow dung as a mountain of corpses. Now he says Rani ki Jhansi. As Prof. I say: write 1000 times Jhansi ki Rani!”

    That bloomer, coupled with a string of confused metaphors, saw the social media quickly give the thumbs down to

  • Yuga Adi or Ugadi, a New Day, a New Year and new hopes

    Bharath Gyan | Thursday, Apr 11,2013, 13:13 IST .

    Ugadi is the New Year in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Maharashtra. In Maharashtra it is also known as Gudi Padva. This is celebrated on the first day after the new moon, which occurs closest to the vernal equinox. Since it is based on the moon it marks the New Year in a Chandramana calendar. Chandra is for moon and m..

  • Rahul Gandhi – The Congress Honey Trap

    Dr. Rita Pal | Monday, Apr 08,2013, 20:37 IST .

    India is a land of milk and honey. Many have craved a taste of that honey, or, more specifically, the wealth, power and riches that it brings. To seduce the Indian, the  Congress Party appointed their baby-faced soap star, Mr Rahul Gandhi, as their Vice President. With no expense spared,  propaganda posters and accessory razzmatazz have accompanied his every step towards the throne ..

  • Who are the (H)indus?

    Francois Gautier | Thursday, Apr 04,2013, 11:12 IST .

    If one has to write a new history of India, one has to start with the right foundations and set the record straight. Thus the first task is to demystify the word ‘Hindu’ about which there is so much misunderstanding…

    Let’s say it right away: there are no Hindus… This word was invented by European colonizers to designate a people which lived in the vall..

  • Church's Paranoia

    Anand Mathur | Monday, Apr 01,2013, 00:08 IST .

    The earth is doomed to suffer fanaticism for many more years, especially that which emanates from the “developed” world. The new Pope Francis announced his Papal ambitions from the Vatican. As expected his speech reflected the collective ideas of the ageing College of Cardinals, furthering the weather beaten fanatic agenda of the Roman Catholic Church.

    In his controversia..

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