Narendra Modi to begin Sadbhavana fast from Dwarka on 16th Oct

Published: Wednesday, Oct 05,2011, 18:54 IST
Narendra Modi, Dwarka, Sadbhavana, Ahmedabad, Gujaratis, Kalyanpur

The Chief Minister Narendra Modi is set to begin his one-day series of Sadbhavana fasts after his recent Sadbhavana Mission fast at Ahmedabad. The first in the series begins at Dwarka of Jamnagar district on 16th October. This was announced by state government spokespersons Jaynarayan Vyas and Saurabh Patel.

During the last three-day Sadbhavana Mission fast the temperament of the Gujaratis for peace, unity and harmony became evident to the world. Seeing the unprecedented support the chief minister decided that such fast should also be held in each district of the state, said Jaynarayan Vyas.

In the first fast at Dwarka would cover six talukas viz., Jamjodhpur, Lalpur, Bhanvad, Khambaliya and Kalyanpur. No sooner this announced reached the local people there was keen interest to join the fast. From each village sant, mahant and local leaders have evinced keen interest to the fast.

A week before the fast, there will a spate of programmes by the locals towards creating a spirit of unity. Also an elaborate is being prepared to conduct the fasts in 26 districts and six major cities. Already people have started wearing wrist bands with “Sadbhavna Mission” emblazoned on it, Saurabh Patel said.

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