Now, made in China doctors in India, 28 Chinese Univ are promoting their MBBS degrees

Published: Thursday, Dec 29,2011, 01:01 IST
Made in China doctors in India, Doctors from China in India, Dali University, IBTL

Now, ‘made in China’ doctors in India Twenty eight Chinese universities are promoting their MBBS degrees and are top picks for Indians. Dali University - one of the top universities in China is busy promoting their MBBS course - the top pick of several aspiring Indian students. It’s the money which makes Chinese universities the new Mecca for Indian MBBS students.

The average tution fees range only between Rs 1 Lakh to Rs 2 Lakh per year. Just Rs 70,000 more is needed to cover boarding and lodging expenses. In India, the same course usually cost four times more at the very least.

Every year, thousands of Indian students come to China in such universities to study medicine since early 2000, this knowing fully well that till recently, their MBBS degrees were not accepted back home. The Medical Council of India conducts a screening test for ‘made in China” Indian doctors before they are allowed to practice. But Chinese University heads say that is not their problem.


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