Pawar calls UPA-II weak, praises Modi

Published: Wednesday, Oct 19,2011, 13:19 IST
UPA, NCP, Union Agriculture, Sharad Pawar, NREGA, Loksatta, IBTL

NCP chief and Union Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar has said that a series of scandals have weakened the authority of the UPA 2. He has also expressed concerns over Congress flagship schemes like Food Security Bill costing nation 1.15 lakh crore and NREGA costing 40000 crore and Fertilizer subsidy costing 80000 crore saying that such decisions hurt funding for development projects. Pawar made these statements at the Idea Exchange program by the Marathi daily Loksatta at Mumbai.

Pawar blamed the weakness of the government for the decline in the stature of democratic institutions. Pawar also made public his unhappiness with the hurdles created at the Lavasa project by Environment Ministry. Pawar also praised Gujarat CM Narendra Modi saying that he welcomes any experiment that could add to the development of the state.

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