Badrinath, Holy town, Chamoli district, Uttarakhand, India

Published: Tuesday, Jun 12,2012, 19:20 IST
  • The deity of Badrinath worshiped as an avatar of Vishnu
  • Badrinath was re-established as a major pilgrimage site by Adi Shankara
  • An estimated 600,000 pilgrims visited during the 2006 season
  • Shankara discovered a black stone image of Lord Badrinarayan made of Saligram
  • Badrinath located only a few kilometers from the Indo-China (Tibet) border
  • Pandavas passed through Badrinath and the town of Mana, 4 km north of Badrinath
  • The nearest airport is the Jolly Grant Airport near Dehradun 317 km
  • The nearest railway stations are at Rishikesh (at 297 km) and Kotdwara (at 327 km)
  • Badrinath is reached by national highway NH58 that connects Delhi with Mana Pass
  • Darshan Badrinath Dham, Jai Badri Vishal

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