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Published: Monday, Mar 04,2013, 22:37 IST
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“Lebensraum” is a Latin word meaning “living space”. This word was intellectualized in modern times on Nazi lines by intellectuals in Bangladesh when they realized that economic and urban development in their country would not keep pace with the population explosion happening under Islamic influence. A corrupt Bangladesh almost always hovers at the top of the worldwide list of nations with highest population density.

The “solution” according to them was to claim land from India! While a war would be impossible to win, engineering mass exodus was possible. Political complicity in the Indian nation was won with the support of Jyoti Basu’s Leftist government and a corrupt BSF; and now from a pliable, bending over backwards, Mamta Banerjee. The Home Ministry’s Annual Report 2011-12 claims that almost 676 kms of Indian border with Bangladesh is unfenced.

We have once again paid the price of this unchecked influx in Assam last year with the Bodos being victimized by Bangladeshi immigrants and their descendants. The resultant influx of Bangladeshi refugees from Assam into Bengal was welcomed with open arms by CPI (M) and Trinamool!

India may have won wars against Pakistan but every day we lose our undeclared, long running war against Bangladesh!

Several Indian Military chiefs and intellectuals are on record claiming that there is a big conspiracy to carve out a new Nation from Eastern Indian states, including Bengal and Assam.

Bengal’s betrayal started with the mass killings of Hindus in Bengal incited by Jinnah on Direct Action Day. Bengal was partitioned on the lines of “lebensraum” for Muslims, yet even today they keep asking for more. Nehru, desperate to find political relevance in a nation torn into two on the lines of religion, raised the bogey of Hindu militancy and championed minority appeasement. His non-performing progeny continued this game, tolerating Bengali political traitors in return for support at the Centre.

Demography has totally reversed in more than 8 districts each in Bengal and Assam. Bengal suddenly finds itself harboring more than 25% Minority population, beating the national average by a wide margin! Politicians lose courage and retract statements due to “political compulsions”. Population growth rate in these areas cannot be justified by growth from prevailing birth rates.

The price is paid by poor Hindu families who lose their land to illegal immigrants. In most villages immigrants live in ghettos that expand by usurping the land of the bordering neighbors. Any show of defiance is cruelly crushed with extreme violence, killings and the blind eye of a crony administration.

This is supported by Hindu women’s kidnapping, molestation and rapes to scare away their families and to buy silence.

Havoc is created by building mosques and making residences in the immediate vicinity of Hindu temples and places of worship. Temples are regularly defaced. In a recent example, “immigrating” Muslims from Kashmir have been sheltered by Mamta Banerjee’s government at “Tarakeshwar” a Hindu Peeth! Riots have happened in the past in Ganga Sagar Islands.

In Baruipur, barely 30 kms from Kolkata, Muslims are attempting to build a Mosque at a bus stand in front of a Shani and Kali Temple! Parties, Mamta’s Trinamool and CPI (M), are actively helping Muslims in this task! Protesting Hindus in the area refused to attend a meeting called by the cops at the police station to “resolve” the matter because it was surrounded by 2 ‘Haqqani’ Mosques from where Muslims launch attacks! A visiting Maulvi did an Owaisi here at a public meet. He said they would deal Hindus a carnage they have not experienced in the history of India.

If Muslims are poor and want education and jobs then why are their leaders building Mosques? Why was the Maulvi, murdered recently at Canning, said to be carrying 11.5 lacs in cash! The Hindu village that was burnt down in retaliation claimed that the body was dumped there after the murder. Rumors abound that it was a political conspiracy against Mamta.

Why is Muslim radicalization being encouraged by politicians? Why aren’t they breaking the complicity of the Maulvis and their Saudi/Pakistani Wahhabi funders and ideologues?

Bengal once helped Hindus break out of the mould of an exploitative society. Stalwarts like Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar and others led revolts against the stigma of widowhood and dowry and broke the back of Brahmannical tyranny. The same Bengal now turns a blind eye at being ripped apart for the 2nd time in history.

Mamta’s government continues with the Leftist government’s policy of appeasement of Mullahs. Instead of promoting Secularism, in a twisted interpretation of Minority protection, it provides major fillip to Madrasah education. Funding to Madrasahs and affiliated activities runs upwards of Rs 1000 crores annually.

Children of Maulvis get preferential scholarships over normal Muslim children! All Muslim children are also eligible for aid. Financial aid to Muslim children over poor majority community children is lavish and runs into thousands of Rupees per family, apart from Central aid! Is all this for indoctrination?

To further indoctrinate Muslims at the hands of poorly educated, radicalized Maulvis, Mamta’s government announced stipends of Rs 2,500/- to about 30,000 Maulvis and Rs 1,000 to their Muezzins, along with one time gifts of 3 cottahs of land and home construction costs; an additional burden on an almost bankrupt state.

The fact that Islam can have a radicalizing effect on its followers has even been admitted by Pakistani intellectuals. But here we have a blinkered, political class cutting the branch they are sitting on!

Wahabbi philosophy has entrenched itself in Bengal among the Muslim poor, middle class and rich sections. They abhor Sufis, Hindus, Ahmadiyas and Christians and want to rid Bengal of these kafir elements just as in Bangladesh and Pakistan.

Bengal unfortunately finds itself betrayed by a ‘Mulayam-esque’ Mamta. She kowtows to the ever increasing demands of the Maulvis, whose sole interest is to have an upper hand and fanatic control over Muslims at any cost. Muslims themselves are willing accomplices, savoring their role of king makers while a Hindu majority still worries about being on the politically correct side of the so called “Hindu Rightists” even as the western world has long back chucked such niceties.

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