BBC should apologise for insulting and abusing India

Published: Friday, Jan 20,2012, 14:13 IST
bbc insulting & abusing India, rahul easwar, lord meghnad desai, keith vaz, IBTL
BBC's program has clever & indirect Racist Overtones. We, as Indians respect humour, We respect people who can make others laugh. But there is a line between Good Humour & purposeful Insult.

It falls below the level of decency even to tell the banners & poster of the BBC Show. Pls ref the News items. BBC is an organisation that is respected around the World, We respect England, their sensitivities. But we neednt appreciate those who still have colonial hangover & Racist, tasteless jibes.

Remember England is hardly 500-700 years old, India is a Civilization that is 5000 + years old, We may be poor, mainly due to the looting of Indian Money by the British, but that doesnt mean we dont have self respect.

We have a lineage, a tradition, a heritage that is milleniums old & we will have a future more glorious than those who see us with disrespect.

And British Indians, our Indian brothers living there are only happy & proud to be a part of their Growth story & have assimilated into mainstream like no other community. We respect England, & We will stand up with equal or more strength in case of humiliation to us.

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